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Author Topic: LucieBee - Nottingham  (Read 1307 times)

51 review(s) for LucieBee (50 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

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I’m on a fucking roll me.

I’m sat in this fucking meeting and the idea is that I leave with a purchase order but it’s the pubic fucking sector and everything requires 300 levels of fucking approval, signing and counter fucking signing and so on and so forth. And I am trying to explain to the noddy infront of me that if they sort out their P2P they will gain efficiencies and save money and it will pay for itself – but the twat has been in the public sector far too long, with his short working days, pension, tea club, packed lunch and cushy lifestyle, back to the missus and kids every night and every couple of months his missus agrees to let him get his leg over in the dark if he’s been a good boy.

And furthermore, he has this irritating habit of sniffing throughout the whole meeting like he’s got some invisible turd dangling from his nose and he can’t quite fathom out where the fucking smell is coming from, but at the same time can’t stop sniffing throughout the meeting. And there are others in this meeting and they are all the same grey, boring public sector wankers I’ve become accustomed to over the years and it’s not lunchtime yet but they are already thinking about stretching it out to get lunch thrown in, and no one can make a decision and I’m the only one here who’s not on a salary and they are all fucking about. What a bunch of useless wankers. That’s the trouble with us English, we can’t make a decision.

And I have to get back into Nottingham as I have a meeting set up with LucieBee who has been recommended to me by BigRockCandy and we have exchanged text messages and spoke and she seems like a top girl who knows her way around a cock. And before I know it I’m parking up near Rock City and making my way up to Talbot Street where I am going to meet Lucie and gain carnal knowledge of her body in an intimate way. And I bump into BigRockCandy who has a smile on his face and the dirty fucker has been in there already for a 2 girl with Riley and Lucie, the dirty fucking bastard and we have a quick chat about what’s happening and then I am walking down the corridor and knocking on the door and fuck me, guess what, she is a stunner – I love tanned, lap dancer, fit, confident birds who are chippy and Lucie fits this bill. She is dressed in black underwear and she has nice long, dark hair and a beautiful face. And I know that within a few minutes I will be fucking that mouth with some enthusiasm. And she is on the bed and telling me to get my kit off and she has her legs wide open and she already fingering herself and asks me whether I’ve brought any poppers and of course I have love and I start to open the bottle and start to take a couple of massive sniffs to get some traction. And the first thing I do is make my way to her fantastic arse and I start giving that a good tonging but I have to think that my mate BRC has just had his cock up there and I am trying to put that image out of my mind as soon as possible. And LB is encouraging me to eat her arse out with great endeavour, enthusiasm and diligence and she is grinding her arse hole into my face and I am dribbling all over it and spitting into her arse hole and she is loving it. And then we turn around and I am on my back and she is instructing me to take more poppers which I do compliantly and she is then sucking and biting my cock and then telling me that if I don’t come back to see her and give her more money this week she will be ringing up my missus and this is a huge turn on for me and I love this kind of talk and LB is very good at all this, and she shows no concern for the fact that I’m nearly passing out on the bed as she starts on a another session of hardcore poppers abuse and I look down and she is sucking, licking and spitting on my cock like mental and it feels awesome and then I get the chance to lick her pussy although by this stage I am dribbling like an imbecile and she must think that I’m a mentalist and look like a cunt just slobbering over her pussy. And then she is kissing me with her tongue and asking me whether I can taste my cock on her mouth and spitting saliva into my mouth and it feels really good although to be honest I don’t have a clue where I am at this stage and all I can remember is Shed Seven playing Chasing Rainbows on MTV in the background and then I’m coming just as they get to the guitar solo and I’m thinking fuck me that is an awesome song and I look at Lucy and she is smiling and laughing and not concerned about the colour of my face at all. And then we talk and she is a really genuine, authentic girl who I reckon really enjoys what she does and before I leave I tell her that I wouldn’t mind seeing both her and Riley together for more of the same – and she goes yes – we’ll ruin you. Fuck me – that makes me hard thinking about it.

And then I’m making my way past Rock City and The Rescue Rooms – I remember going to see Cerys Matthews there a while ago and I was at the front and kept saying to her, why don’t you play those songs you wrote whilst you were taking a shit load of drugs !! I did that continually throughout the evening and it really pissed her off. And I smile to myself as a walk down into town.

And then I’m in the car listening to Chasing Rainbows by Shed Seven and thinking what an awesome song this is and what a fucking mental week I’m having.

51 review(s) found for LucieBee linked to in above post (50 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Leicspunt

Your reviews are without doubt the best on here. A weird combination of making me laugh and hard at the same time. Difficult to read while you're having a brew and your missus is watching the only way is wankers on the telly box though

I have written for a living - and made a good one - for over 50 years. You are a damn good writer. And it's not just the public sector, by the way, it's almost ANY large organisation.

Offline CoolTiger

Great Report. Always ensure I set time aside and then have a great laugh when reading your reports.

As for Lucie.... She's a Gem  :thumbsup:

I added her to the Decent Punts in the East Mids thread in July.... 

Time to bump up that thread for any members.

Cheers CT - appreciated.

Lucie is awesome actually - really nice girl as well.

I would also recommend Bella from my other review - another girl with an amazing body !!

jesus another one ruined by this monster :/ why do you get there before me? I always end up with your seconds i'm booked in for the weekend.
ps stags are shite.

Haha - sorry my friend !! She's a top girl.

Stags are a better version of shite this season.

as long as you've not mentally damaged the poor girl.

I was mentally damaging her again this morning

I was mentally damaging her again this morning

Well you scored a hat trick anyway !

PS Love the Hail Mary my friend...has a significance doesn't it lol

Well you scored a hat trick anyway !

PS Love the Hail Mary my friend...has a significance doesn't it lol

Haha - cheers mate. Watch this space - I've got a nice one of Pope Francis coming up 'looking all holy like' !!

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