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Author Topic: Maggie21 - Croydon  (Read 1157 times)

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Offline BlackWizard

I saw Maggie21 a while ago, but as someone pointed out in another thread, posting without contributing to the forum with reviews isn't very helpful.

https://www.adultwork.com/1410053 or https://www.adultwork.com/maggie21

Venue: Croydon
Time: 30 mins
Price: £80
Services: OWO RO, 69, DT, COF
Comms: Excellent
Looks: Not a 10, but she's good looking. If your mates saw you talking to her, they wouldn't give you shit, but they wouldn't fall over themselves calling you a Cassanova. Fake boobs, but soft, not two rocks installed on her chest.

At the time, this was my very first punt, and I had been a member of this site a good while trying to narrow down who I was going to see. Punting isn't something I do often due to time (only once more since - review will follow later) and something I won't be doing often as some of the pros on here, so quality is what I was after. TOFTT is honourable, but if punting is something you'll only do here and there, you want to get it right every time, and with Maggie, I got it spot on.

OK. First punt, so nerves were there, but comms were very easy. All via text. Told her the time I wanted and she hit me back with the hotel name. When I was close I sent a text, and she sent me a message with floor and room number. Also asked if there were any clothing requests. Tight dress, no knickers. She delivered on it.

Got to the door and there she was. Quite tall. She's not rail thin (as you can see from her pics) but she doesn't have curves so to speak. Very nice and smily girl and her energy put me at ease. Chatted for a minute then gave her the cash. She asked if I wanted to shower, but as I live close and showered beforehand, I said no. As soon as she heard those words from my mouth she was reaching for my belt and the OWO was deep, sloppy and fantastic. Moved on to the bed, where she continued OWO. I had one finger in pink, one in the stink, then we moved on to 69. All good on that end. She then jumped on top and rode cowgirl then reverse cowgirl, all with energy, but the fake moans were a little off-putting.

Then onto doggy, but as I'm quite tall, doggy with her on the bed and me standing was tough. Back to CG. After a few minutes felt the beast rising. She asked where I wanted to pop and I said face. No flinching, no fuss, jumped off me, removed the rubber and started OWO again until I popped on her face.

She went and cleaned up, then came back for another quick chat. This is where she gets a 10/10 on the service scale from me. about 25 minutes of our 30 had passed, and instead of clock watching or hurrying me out, her hand goes right back down and she starts trying to jumpstart me for a 2nd pop but to no avail.

Showered, left with a kiss and a smile, and that's it.

Maggie doesn't need my endorsement, but I wanted to do my part and contribute to what I think is a really helpful site.

45 review(s) found for maggie21 linked to in above post (44 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Cheers for the review!Maggie doesn't get much of a mention on here these days but I certainly enjoyed her when I saw her!

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