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Author Topic: Any girls from Photodromm ?  (Read 345 times)

Hello, I'm looking for some active girls from Photodromm.
This site has a lot of tremendously good looking gals and I would like to know if any of them is providing.

Any feedback is also welcome!

Offline LL

I had to Google it

Never seen so many fake tits all at once!

Hehe, indeed, it's boobs land.
Eventhough they look extremely good, even if there is some pro Photoshop edits.

So, anyone knows ?

Offline BeesKnees

I don't think they are tbh.

A different website that has a thread about European pornstars escorting around Europe

Offline LL

These look like mostly American pornstars to me.  Fake tits are not a prerequisite for working in the adult entertainment industry in Europe.

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