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Author Topic: Ashley Gold, Arnos Grove or New Southgate  (Read 1005 times)

28 review(s) for Ashley Gold (22 positive, 2 neutral, 4 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Maxell

https://www.adultwork.com/2904847 or https://www.adultwork.com/Ashley+Gold

After reading Sir Cumalots review of Ashley thought I'd give her a go.

Called her up and checked on services, price and (even though I knew) the location
All was OK so called and agreed a meeting in about an hours time, as I was fairly close.

Got close to the location and gave Ashley a ring to get the door and flat number she said "Oh I can see you" the number is -- . I thought thats strange as there would not have been a sightline from where I was to the flat. Anyway continued to walk up to the street door. When I got there I realised I was not the only one waiting, a man with a very large vaccum cleaner was also waiting at the door. He asks me if I'm going to see the girl on the top floor and gave me a knowing look  :scare: I replied that I wasnt.

A man then comes to the door to let vacuum cleaner guy in and I follow them in, and climb the stairs slowly behind them letting them get ahead. as they pass the second floor I here a door slam and my phone starts ringing. Ashley or the maid had assumed they were me and opened the door and was now checking wether I was there. Vacuum cleaner man continued to the top floor.

I was let in by what I assume to be Ashleys maid a blonde woman (she has been talked about on here before "Nikita or "Pierced Laura" ) she apologised for the mix up with vacuum man and ushered me towards Ashley who was coming from the punt room.


I was pleasantly suprised by Ashley, I thought she was quite a bit better looking than her pics.
Around 30-35 maybe.

She Was wearing nice underwear, she is fairly short 5'6" or so, petite and nicely curvy.
Tits were smallish with nice nipples

Started off with not too deep FK (My choice)
Moved on to sucking those nice nipples

Then a really long OWO and 69 session, after this I asked her to get on cowgirl style, Ashley was happy about this as she said her jaw was hurting ! :)
She got on top Cowgirl with me playing with her tits, at this point the Vacuum cleaner guy started hoovering upstairs this was really loud but drowned out byt the creaking of the bed.
The combination of the large me and Ashley made me think that the bed was going to collapse, this kinda dulled the moment !
Finished me off with handjob and CIM

After this she gave me a nice massage and I decided to leave.

As I left I said goodbye to her and her flatmate and left.

I walked out of the door straight into a couple were coming up the stairs which was a bit awkward.

At no time did she mention the time or look at clock/watch/phone.
I looked at my watch just after I left and had been 65 minutes so not a clock watcher.

On my way back home I was hit by a car on a crossing at the traffic lights luckily not hard, all in all a really weird evening full of bad timings !

Ashley is prettier than her pictures
FK,OWO,69,Cowgirl all performed happily and with good technique.

Timing of my entry and exit

Really creaky bed

I have stated this is a positive but you can make your own decision, Ashley herself was nice and freindly performed all services happily. However the timing of my entry, exit from the flat and timing of road crossing were unfortunate.

Would I see again ?  YES

Banning reason: Demanding FBSM censorship

28 review(s) found for Ashley Gold linked to in above post (22 positive, 2 neutral, 4 negative)

Offline SamLP

Thanks for the review and sorry to hear about the knock. That could have been a tough explanation if you have a partner. She's a good SP. Talking of clocks, we were at it really hard when I last saw her in Harrow that the table clock on the bedside table was knocked off and fell to the floor. Luckily it didn't break but the battery also fell out. We were too into it to pick it up there and then.

Offline Maxell

Thanks Sam.

Was quite bruised so could have been a problem, but wasnt. The woman driving the car (a 15 Plate BMW M3) may have some explaining to do to her insurance company as the bonnet was quite dented.

Did not notice a clock at all in this flat, I assumed she used her phone which was in a dock providing music.
I could not have got into it as much as you, the bed would deffo not taken it !

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Offline punk

You need a good bed with Ashley.  :blush:

Hi Maxwell. I am glad my review proved useful for you. It's nice to be able to help out fellow punters. I know what you mean about the location  :blush:

Sorry to hear about you being knocked over. Shame the lady driver couldn't have compensated you for your injuries one way or another  ;).

Offline Steve2

She moved to Golders Green a week ago. No issues with the bed there but can be a bit indiscreet walking down the side of the house to get to her flat


Offline LL

On my way back home I was hit by a car on a crossing at the traffic lights luckily not hard, all in all a really weird evening full of bad timings !

Oh dear! I think this flat is cursed. When I went there to see Katalina I had an allergic reaction to the wipes she used on my cock and it turned bright red and gave me burning pain. Then on the way back to the train station when I went got a kebab to take my mind off my cock agony - opened the kebab box at the station to discover the lamb shish I'd ordered had been switched to a chicken one. I hate chicken kebabs! ;)

Great review mate.

Offline fitalic

Shame about the prices, they gone up!

Offline Steve2

Shame about the prices, they gone up!

And showing as Bristol. I think she went back home this week for a week or so

Offline PumpAction

She's not 30-35. More likely early forties. Very good wg though.

Offline Maxell

She's not 30-35. More likely early forties. Very good wg though.

Yeah thats possible, but looks good for her age then !
Banning reason: Demanding FBSM censorship

Offline punk

She's not 30-35. More likely early forties. Very good wg though.

About 38.

Gone for 2 weeks roughly, though they do change their minds.

Online The_Don

I think she went back home this week for a week or so

Indeed, what she told me last week.

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