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Author Topic: Walsall  (Read 580 times)

Seems Walsall have been on a major crack down recently and its been on the news a few times - I feel its far too risky to entertain any punts at the moment in the area unless a truely lone independent.

Their current zero tolerance and 'success' rate is evidently being considered as a pilot for other WMid areas and even national...

Parlours beware!!!

Granted most has been street walkers but evidently parlours/shared indies have been targetted aswell  :scare:

You may wish to test brooke34dd on AW. I saw her at a hotel near the NEC but she often works Walsall / wolverhampton way.

Sorry not got a link its been on Central news and few cop programs - when driving through on an evening the police are definately concentrating on anyone they feel are street girls

Offline Marmalade

Saw this one

Notice how they want just to 'move them to another area.' I do think prossies should have the decency not to tout and leave needles and condoms on front lawns in posh neighbourhoods, but what of people who buy a dirt cheap house in an area where it is dirt cheap precisely because of the prostitution? That seems a bit unfair.

So in 'moving them to another area' presumably it means move them to an area where the police have better things to do with their time.

This could, and has been tried in other countries with more serious crimes. If a murder is reported, they simply move the body to someone else's patch. Not exactly a very ethical policy, whether for prostitution or other crimes.

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