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Author Topic: Issa is back (Colchester)  (Read 483 times)

Offline essexmat

Sorry can't post link as on phone on bus

Got up this morning saw Issa was back and booked. Just on way home now after a great session. She has been back to Romania and also Spain on hols and is looking tanned and fit.

No review necessary as I have done plenty. Not all Romanians are pissbtakers or bait and switch, Issa is superb!

Offline englandfan

Issa is absolute quality

lovely girl

Offline Tom5334

You got in there quick essexmat
Banning reason: Trolling

Offline essexmat

Oh yes! Woke up needing a punt as had a free day and saw Issa and Anya were back so thought why not?! Well worth the £50 for 30 mins

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