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Author Topic: Phoenix Club - Lisa  (Read 416 times)


I have been keeping an eye on Phoenix Club, trying to find a line up I liked and a opportunity to make time to attend, one of the girls who peaked my interest was Lisa, however I've noticed she is no longer listed on the website? Have I missed out? Does anybody know if she escort outside of the party scene?

Don't know if she works elsewhere (Gris doesn't work very well for me) but as a rule if a girl disappears from the hostess gallery then she has left. So, yes it looks like you have missed out on seeing her at TPC, at least for now, as occasionally girls return.

Offline Mr Br1ghts1de

Some of the girls at TPC work elsewhere, but I cannot recall ever seeing Lisa listed anywhere else.

She has left LMP/TPC before and returned, so maybe just keep an eye on the Schedule/Gallery.

Offline vt

Plenty of nice girls still there!  :thumbsup:

She's the worst one imho. Totally disinterested. Minimal eye contact.

Offline Midpoint

I met her twice back when it was LMP. On the first occasion she was excellent. The second she was a bit distracted but still good. I'd have liked to have seen her one on one but I think she said she didn't escort (it was a couple of years ago though).

I've had some good times at LMP with Lisa and saw her once at TPC. I'd see her 121  :hi:

She'll be back imo.

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