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Author Topic: Logic in Berlin...  (Read 829 times)

Online logic

Hey folks, I've been lurking here forever and thought I should share a few experiences from my escape to Berlin. First time I've been and I'm still going to be here for a few days, so we will see what happens next.

So I arrived early afternoon, checked into the hotel and jumped on the S75 to Westkreuz and a visit to Artemis. Holy crap what a place. Massive, slick and impressive, the girls really are stunning and there are sooo many of them. I went for a wander around the place and promptly got cornered by a very slim, pretty Romanian girl with long brunette hair (can't remember her name unfortunately). I'd been warned about this from other reports on here, but she was quite hot and I was keen to lose my cherry, so upstairs we went. This is when I started seeing the downside of the place. OWO, her on top, no kissing and all a bit quick and mechanical. I lay there for a minute afterwards and before I knew it she was standing next to me waiting to get me out of there. Must have been in there all of 10 minutes. Anyway, back down to the bar I go. Grabbed a coke and continued my tour, couldn't seem to look anywhere without catching some girls eye and starting the same conversation, "where you from? Been here before...?"

A little while later I found myself at the bar next to a stunning looking German brunette called Larissa. After a quick chat, I wandered away before coming to my senses and asking her if she'd like to go upstairs. She got up to go with me and must have been about 6'1 in her heels. But she was very attractive and was a lot more involved once behind closed doors. Fantastic OWO, her on top then finishing in doggy. Much better than the first girl and definitely put the smile back on my face.

Downstairs again and practically getting mugged every time I sat down. I swear, I must have had "1st time visitor" written on my back or something. Found the kino, sat down and had another girl jump on me straight away. She wasn't my type and I wasn't going to get get dragged in by the offer of OWO in the cinema. Back upstairs and a Hungarian girl grabbed me and pulled me to a couch and tried to make another offer I couldn't refuse. Again, not my type so I resisted, but it was starting to feel like hard work. I saw a very pretty, petite, short haired blonde and I thought, it's time... Introduced myself Andrea and a few minutes later we were upstairs. She was another Romanian, very attractive and nice service. A bit blunt in conversation, but friendly enough. Nice OWO, VERY tight in cowgirl and finished me off with her hand (something I'm a bit of a fan of).

Back to the shower and decided to call it a day. I really couldn't face any more hard sell. If I was a bit less polite I'm sure I could have just deflected the attention a bit more easily, but I am what I am.

So Artemis. 80EUR entry, 60EUR x 3, 260EUR or about £195 for the afternoon. Not the cheapest, but definitely an eye opener and I'm glad I went. The woman really are stunning, but the service isn't exactly personal. I probably won't go back this trip but I might in the future.

On to day 2... so a bit more tourist stuff today. But I jumped on to http://www.berlinintim.de/index.html and looked up a few massage places just to tide me over. I'm a big fan of the whole body to body thing and the standard rate seems to be about 60EUR for 30 minutes so it would be rude not to. Settled on Salon Rouge http://www.salonrouge-berlin.de/ and popped in. Vicky and Luna were available. Vicky was very pretty with fake boobs, Luna was young (20), big natural boobs and a bit curvier. She also had some impressive tattoos. I don't go for fake chests, and I'm also not into really young girls so I wasn't sure who to choose. For 60EUR though? I took a chance on Luna. Luna was very nice, decent massage, nice hand relief at the end. Salon Rouge also has a full service option. Apparently it's upstairs and minimum cost is 200EUR for the hour. Quite pricey so I was happy to stick to the 60EUR option. Nice place though.

On Saturday night I was wandering around Kantstrabe (near my hotel) and I stumbled across a Private adult store/cinema. Popped in and had a look around. Guy behind the counter was telling me about the cinema, apparently they get couples coming in and putting on a show. There was no one in there so he told me to go down and have a look. It was a bit grim for my taste, tissue boxes everywhere and a little side room with a lie down area. Not my scene, but each to there own.

On day 3, did the tourist thing again. In the evening I gave http://www.kamilla-dee.com/ a call. I made an appointment to see Penny, but when I arrived she was a no show. I was introduced to about 5 ladies and selected the beautiful Nico for 45min for 120EUR. Nico is 'Girl 3' on the roster and has no pictures. But she was tall, slim with long brunette hair and a beautiful face. Waited a while for a room. Eventually Nico led me upstairs to a separate apartment (apparently Kamilla Dee has several in the same building). The apartment was lovely, I showered and was joined by Nico. The encounter was a bit disappointing unfortunately. Nico gave me a massage, flipped over for some covered oral, then jumped on top. She wasn't interested in kissing ("maybe next time when I know you better") and just seemed to rush through. She was a lovely girl to talk to, but I left feeling a bit deflated.

Anyway, that's my 3 days in Berlin so far. I'm here for a few more days yet, so we shall see what happens. Not really interested in the flat rate places like airport girls or Anni Porsche. Tempted to try Kamilla Dee again despite the disappointment of the first attempt.


Offline Hertsgent

Nice summary - I so need another Berlin experience......

Offline Steve2

Nice report Logic

Apparently this is a good brothel and has been reviewed on here before . Check out Snake's trip reports


Online logic

Thanks Steve, I'll definitely have a look.

Online logic

Visited http://aston-berlin.de/ as per Steve's suggestion yesterday.

Very nice place, definitely not as fancy as some of the others, but the room was fine and everything was clean and well looked after. 7 or 8 girls available, quite varied but with some very nice ones in there. Saw the petite Diana, a friendly Polish girl with light brown hair for €50 for 30 min and had a great time. May well pop in again before I leave...

Offline spkmstr48

Ooh, I see why you wanted Penny.

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Offline Mr Br1ghts1de

Thanks for sharing and updating OP :hi:

Cheers Logic, I'm travelling to Berlin at the start of next month, arrive 6pm on Thursday and return midday on Monday. What would be your recommendation as to which club to go to and any indies you saw?
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