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Author Topic: SophieFox - Coventry (but tours)  (Read 1011 times)

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Offline MrBridger


Sophie tours pretty much constantly so hard to know where to post this (Admin, should there be a 'touring' reviews section?) but I saw her in Cov so here goes...

Local search on AW found her - not seen her before but checked on here and found a couple of positive reviews, no negatives, and profile looked good so decided to give it a go.


AW Email to Sophie one evening suggesting a date and time produced a pretty much instant response. Asked me to call the next day, did so and agreed date and time. She asked me to text details - exchanged a few texts and arrangements were finalised. All good.


Budget hotel chain on the outskirts of Coventry city centre. Details provided when I texted that morning to confirm, called her from car park, given room number. Perfectly adequate room, no problems accessing lift although I took the stairs as she was only on the first floor. Room door had no spyhole so I'm not sure she'll be going there again.


£250 for two hours. She tells me she normally charges £280 but had forgotten to change her profile, but as I write her prices haven't changed. Anal would have been £20 extra but I didn't go for that.


Sophie's profile description and photos are accurate, age there or thereabouts. Face photo in her PG doesn't really show her in the best light. Tall and slim (tiny bit of a tummy but that's really nit picking), very nice enhanced tits, very pretty face (has had lip filler at some point but not excessively pouty) and a fantastic arse. Long hair, brunette with a hint of red (possibly with extensions?), nice all over tan and an attractive shaved pussy. Met me at the door in red underwear set with suspender belt, black stockings and black heels. Overall a package no red blooded straight man could resist.


Sophie is friendly and chatty, 'normal', straight talking, no bullshit. She likes to control things and isn't afraid to give guidance, direction and vocal encouragement. That was fine by me but if you want someone more sub you'd have to discuss it with her first. In between rounds we had a chat about AW and the escort business, she told me she'd worked for Max's Angels and possibly also Sandy's Superstars but I'm not 100% sure on the latter.

The session

After a shower for me, we started off with kissing (with tongues, but not quite DFK) and I sucked her nipples (quite sensitive - no teeth!) before moving onto RO. She directed me quite closely to get me where she wanted, and before too long she came quite loudly (I'm pretty sure it was genuine).

Next, prolonged OWO (wet wipe beforehand) which was excellent - lots of spit, alternating between shallow and deep, good use of her hands and plenty of eye contact. Then she put a condom on me with her mouth, and invited me to fuck her, first in missionary (with one of her knees up by her ear) and then in doggy, until I could hold out no longer and came into the condom.

Brief chat followed by round 2, initiated by her with more OWO before I rimmed her at length (to which she responded very positively). Another condom on, back into doggy and then prone bone, then more missionary, at the end of which she asked me to cum on her tits. Second pop is not guaranteed for me but she has strong internal muscles and knows how to use them, so I wasn't far from cumming when I pulled out and took off the condom before unloading over her 'ample charms' (she had her own finger up her arse at this point to add a bit of excitement).

She has CIM on her likes list (at discretion) but she didn't offer and I didn't ask.

Time wasn't quite up, but I'd had my fill so jumped back in the shower and we had another chat while I dressed and she tidied the room. Left with a goodbye kiss a few minutes ahead of time.


Overall, a brilliant experience. Sophie isn't the kind of girl I usually go for (the enhancements and blatant sex talk aren't normally my thing), and I'd have preferred a bit more DFK, but if you're after a gorgeous girl with a fit body who knows exactly what she's doing and just how to drain a man of his precious bodily fluids, I'd strongly recommend her.


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6 review(s) found for SophieFox linked to in above post (6 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline dboy74

Excellent review, MrBridger  :thumbsup:

Had hoped she was in Cov tomorrow because I am over there, but she is in Hull instead. I will put her on my HL now.

Offline Hertsgent

Waiting for her to come back to Stevenage as my experience matched yours although I only had the 30 min version......

Glad you had fun!

Offline MrBridger

She tells me she plans a tour in London soon with Ava Koxxx - I don't know whether you can get into the smoke but I think the two of them together would be something else!

Banning reason: Spreading allegations against another punter because of personal dispute

4 review(s) found for AvaKoxxx linked to in above post (4 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Hertsgent

I'll start saving my punting pennies now and also get into training......

Hi she is showing in Glasgow but no number ....is anyone able to PM me her number, you can see im a genuine punter. Thanks

Offline MrBridger

I wouldn't bother calling her - she has previous for listing numerous locations when her number isn't showing but not replying to emails and then turning up somewhere completely different when her number reappears. There is a thread in the Wales section about this if you put her AW number in the search bar.
Banning reason: Spreading allegations against another punter because of personal dispute

Some good feedback as well...it's a shame of she is going to ruin her reputation being a PG scammer?

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