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Author Topic: Hannah - Cardiff  (Read 666 times)

Offline HughJardon

Her profile pictures havent been updated in years

She has logged in recently, but hasnt replied to my messsge which was sent around 2 weeks ago,  so i voted with my feet.


Id also like a recent update if anyones visited in 2015

Offline Redevil86

I've had her on h l for nearly a year, she does check her profile now and then but has ignored a couple of e-mails and just gets the money of private gallery I can only presume ? Would love to book but my money has to go else where as she obviously doesn't work any more , sadly.


She was in my hl for ages till she disappeared in March.

I know WGs have boyfriends but do they need to mention them in their profiles????

Think milking the PG is right on the mark, probably to keep the bf in beer money.

Offline HughJardon

Your probably both right about the PG sell out, noting her boyfriend on profile for me is nothing short of a turn off, also her 4 recent pics in her gallery are miniscule and that raises questions about her "current" appearence. I may try ThisIsJewel out then.

Offline Redevil86

I've visited this is jewel, she's a lovely girl but her pictures are about 10 years old so be aware she is a lot larger than her pics but not fat just about 3 / 4 sizes bigger,  but still good looking.

Offline HughJardon

I remember someone saying she'd spread like warm butter, thanks RD for refreshing my memory.

Offline RedKettle

Thanks everyone - she is now off my HL!! :hi:

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