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Author Topic: Hamburg- what's the scene like? Best value?  (Read 991 times)

Offline od13218

I'm visiting Hamburg in a few weeks and hoping to fit in some mongering- has anyone been recently and can you advise on the best value options?
I have only been once before and was quite intimidated walking down the Reeperbahn by the very unfriendly girls in their big puffa jackets not wanting to take no for an answer.
What's the club/brothel scene like? Any personal recommendations?

Offline Jerboa

The Reeperbahn is a hustlers joint, full of people trying to relieve tourists of Euros.
There are other choices, like escorts advertised in local Hamburg sites, and a couple of Saunaclubs.

Offline Wanking

Herbertstrasse is also a rip off, although thankfully the women are better looking now than when this vid was shot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gi-1lqw9SsA  :dancegirl:

Offline Cactus

Paradise Point of Sex is an Eros Centre, which was free to enter and browse around.  Like a huge hotel, but with a prossie in every hotel room doorway trying to get you into their room for a 20 minute session, comprising of covered oral and sex in a couple of positions (if you're lucky, one asked for more cash to change position, so I let her carry on doing the work and ride me cowgirl).  It's 50 euro for a 20 minute session.  Women of all shapes, colour and race in this place, I'd recommend going for a look, but don't expect a GFE, just a pretty mechanical fuck and suck session.  Located right on the Reeperbahn.


A couple of doors down, is the Eros Centre, same drill as above, but the first time I went you had to pay to get in so went to PPOS instead.  Second time I went it was free entry.  Don't be swayed by the offer of a 1 euro beer... You need to walk through the whole building, right to the very top and then you get a can of cheap beer from a vending machine.


I tried one other place in Hamburg, again on the Reeperbahn, was called Geiz Club, which was more like a traditional brothel.  You go in, get a drink at the bar, have a bit craic with the bar maid, then the girls come and introduce yourself.  Pick one then upstairs to a private room for a 20/30 minute session at only 39 euros.  The one girl I went with wasn't very good though, standard suck and fuck type service, good oral, terrible sex.

Have a look at Joes guide, he raves about Geis Club and gives an overview of other places.  Pretty awful site to navigate though...


I got ripped off by a street girl on David Strasse, took my cash, gave decent oral, but no sex, that was extra... To be fair though I was pretty pissed!

Herbert Strasse, worth a look for an Amsterdam type red light district, girls in windows type of vibe, but I didn't partake.

There are FKK clubs out of town, but I never went to any.  It was more a mates holiday to have a laugh and a few pints rather than for punting.  It's a nice place, but it's all a bit in your face regarding the punting scene.

Offline od13218

Thanks Cactus for a fantastic summary! Great knowledge- I hope to put it to good use :)

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