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Author Topic: dire saturday  (Read 702 times)

Offline gk2000

Have a very rare afternoon to myself later and the selection both agency and indie is atrocious today! Just my luck, I won't be swayed by Romanians however! Might be pulling my own plonker later!!
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Same every saturday! Im thinking rosa at diamonds or amber indie/allure

Yeah it's slim pickings alright.

Rosa of Diamonds has cancelled both her Saturday and Sunday shifts.

Best suggestions I have are Nicole of NNE (Sunderland) or Amber of Allure (Newcastle Quayside).

These might be too late for you but:

Tori Taylor has availability after 5pm (Jesmond).
Mila of Amour (via AW) is available after 4pm (Heaton).
Yazz of Diamonds has been getting good reviews and is available after 4pm (near Morpeth).

I tried tori was all booked by time i text. Whats mila like?

I tried tori was all booked by time i text. Whats mila like?


Here's my review (seems to be the only one on here):

I really liked her despite the lack of DFK and OWO, which will be the sticking point for most guys I guess.

I thought she was really hot but I recall a few people disagreed which I was genuinely surprised about. I'd say she's one of the best looking girls I've seen in terms of her face and body as a package.

For me, if she did DFK and OWO she'd be one of the best girls in the area.

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