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Author Topic: Party-Karolina (Ruislip) London  (Read 1186 times)

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Stumbled across this delight whilst performing an adult work London wide search for a female escort, in-call, cheapest rate and guess I got what I paid for.
She is the girl in the pictures and she is hot but I don't think she is as hot as the pictures make out and definitely shorter but having said that she is worth a visit just pay more to get a better experience than I did.
I turned up at night time and I was directed down a worrying spooky back alley hardly lit, eventually found it and was told to come in by the girl herself.
she led me to the bedroom which was more or less empty other than a double bed with no bedding or pillows and was lit by a low watt red light (how retro)
I had requested she wear black stockings, suspenders and heels but she wasn't wearing them, I picked her up on it and she went to change for me without a fuss and boy was I glad i asked her to because she looked so much better with all the clobber on and high heels.
I lay on the bed with just my boxers on and she set about working on me, she wouldn't let me kiss any part of her as I hadn't paid enough which was a disappointment as her skin is like silk and I so wanted to kiss her all over.
she gave me a BJ through a condom which was also a disappointment but she did have a good technique and it was pleasurable, she was surprised at my size (sorry gents I am gifted down below).
I turned her over and I plunged in missionary fashion for a short while taking it easy to start as it seemed to be hurting her a little.
As she warmed up a bit I full throttled away then turned her over and doggy styled her until completion, a lovely sight from behind one that I would recommend.
in summary a good punt, ideal for tube travellers but wish I had paid extra now for a better experience. it is explained on her profile but not clearly.

1 review(s) found for PARTY-KAROLINA linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline king tarzan

She lists bareback
That's why I would never know her...

 :bomb: bareback!!! Her profile clearly says it...

Offline pawghunter2015

mate - at least tell us how much you paid?

and how much you would need to pay in order to 'kiss her body'?
Banning reason: Multiple accounts (pawghunter2015, heythered1xyz)

Offline EnglishRebecca121

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anyone can see the review is fake, any guy that leaves a review boasting he is blessed in the pants department is trolling

and he never posted again!

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