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Author Topic: Brooke Knights - Finally Fck the Legend in Newcastle - NE1  (Read 3130 times)

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What a great lady no doubt your be back at some point :thumbsup:

Trying to arrange a London session with BK but her dates and diary are booked up - It seems she has a far number of regulars but also takes time out a few days per week to catch up with her family and personal life.

This makes her less jaded and very much up for anything every time she sees the client. She is also and very very intelligent and clever business girl. She impressed me with some of her comments and future business ideas in between my shoving my dick in her mouth.


Offline oldie44


Like the fighting talk.  Trying to get Madlin Moon and Adele to come up to Newcastle but not sure if they would understand your great accents in the NE.  . Agreed with BK and Tori that if ever in London we can arrange a group session with the best from Newcastle with the best in London.    Would be a WWF. Style tag team with 4x M. And these 4 girls.   Now that would be a great review to read.   The best in London. V. The best in Newcastle.   

Bring it on.

You would need to pay BK and Tori at least three times their NE rates, plus traveling expenses, to get them to work in London  :D
Better to work on getting Madlin and Adele to come Newcastle even if they don't understand Geordie. Plenty of EE girls have the same problem but manage quite nicely  :lol:
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Yes take your point - Tori is looking to come down perhaps next month and BK as you know is booked solid until 2016

So will have to wait and see.


Offline Dwilko

Anyone know if she offers facials? It's not on her likes list but it's not gospel is it. Cheers.


Anyone know if she offers facials? It's not on her likes list but it's not gospel is it. Cheers.

As far as I know its a No

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