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Offline Andyply

Second visit to Tanya.  I was looking through the ladies visiting Plymouth the other week but never got the vibe they were for me.  Then "hey presto" Tanya's profile popped up, I emailed her before the summer and got a reply to say back in August, and was right then this afternoon.  Now. Tanya has a very good English speaking Asian lady taking calls as she doesn't speak English very well.  I was able to have a friendly chat.  I did say I'd visited before and found her excellent BUT was looking did yhd full hour lease not just 40 odd minutes, I was very polite and the lady was keen to reassure me.  I had a good vibe now, checked stockings/owo again, all systems go. If you visit it's not the brown door but the next apartment to the left. Very nice too, I'm saying this because obviously I went to yhd wrong one and Tanya had to pop out and find me, we walked to yhd top floor, she was laughing dressed in stockings but with dressing gown on, now we could have bumped into someone on his way up, it was obvious wharf J was doing, but you know who cares life's too short.  A good giggle later (she is fun)

6 review(s) found for Tanyaxx2558 linked to in above post (3 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline Andyply

Timed out..... She gave a good massage, lots of owo, amazing RO, cowgirl miss, owo HR to finish. I've left a long report on AW but mistakenly put 10hrs ( I wish ) down so this isn't available I guess until after 6am. A great visit, I rarely see someone twice in a week but might break this rule, 10/10 for me.  I was polite and respectful, I think she likes this, a little bit of manners goes a long way, as I felt I got extra service from her.  She's may be a WG but some respond better than others to being treated like you respect them all the same (and I'm certainly not fluffy) Highlights were the ball sucking and giving her RO and a jolly good fingering. I could spend all night doing this, her saying oooooh (my name) after I spent 15 mins dining RO and Gspot attention, you had to be there to hear the pleasure in her voice, afterwards she gave me a great owo bj again to say thanks, caressing balls, licking, the works, a mixture of owo HR to finish. I will def see her again when she is back, maybe next week even, puts other Thai WG's to shame.  If you go I really hope you have a similarly good time as me. Treat her well as she responds well to this :hi:  auto correct going mental on my phone sorry for errors hope this is readable  :dash:
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