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Author Topic: Carly_xx - Cardiff  (Read 2492 times)

9 review(s) for welsh carmen (8 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline thatguy

Date & Time:
04/09/15 11am

Off newport road. Can't remember area, but same as the other reports. upstairs apartment 4th floor. Clean nice apartment with a pole in the room.

The girl:
Size 6 -8
32 c, 1 pierced
Long black hair (Fake)
Fake lips
Has a few Tattoos



OWO, Normal sex in various positions CIM/COF

How legit:

10/10 Spot on.

The meeting:

Got to the place easily enough and loads of parking. Ignore the fact they are numbered. They are not allocated. So she says.
Anyway got to the room and parted with my pennies.
Straight in with DEEP throat followed by some doggy and mish some more deep OWO and more fucking in various positions. She took it well and gave the illusion of enjoying herself. Whilst being fucked she was avidly frigging herself off and seemed to cum twice. Me on the other hand filled her face and mouth.......and eyes with cum. lots and lots of sticky stuff. because she felt like she hadn't delivered the best performance. Which btw, is not the case, she delivered a sterling effort.


Dirty girl, Great looks, Great price and a fantastic service.


Would I return:

Will I return:

https://www.adultwork.com/3069784 or https://www.adultwork.com/carly%5Fxx
Banning reason: Making a post about leaving, then sending petulant message to Admin asking to be banned

9 review(s) found for welsh carmen linked to in above post (8 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Mil 34

Glad you enjoyed. Great value punt. Not many Welsh girls around that I've found to give as good a time as this one.
Still a few to try mind  :thumbsup:

Offline HughJardon

I liked the look of her a while back, had maybe a feeling of hidden gem about her and in Cardiff thats some rare stone, It looks like youve plundered, I may have to get the old Indy hat & whip out do a bit of exploration. Great report TG

Offline Redevil86

I liked the look to, but apparently made the mistake of telling her I only live in ( about 3 miles away ) so on those grounds she won't see Me, moral of the story , don't tell them ware you live, my bad. Bollox reason to be honest, if you tell people on your profile you live 1 mile from city centre ( profile don't say in which direction of city centre) does that mean you got to live in Caerphilly or Newport before she'd see you. No because punters don't usually tell her what area that live in ! I only mentiond  it because she ignored my 1st e- mail. She asks for positive feedback, I got 7 so I can only deduct it's an age thing, still rant over, w b next week , onward and up .

Offline odynsfee

Red, Do not take this personally as what I am going to say is meant as advice and not criticism, over the years I have spoken to WG,s and some have mentioned that their pet hate is bad spelling in emails as it sort of paints a picture of the guys persona.
However, I know lots of guys that cannot spell very well and they are really nice chaps,but as the WG,s do not get past that email stage they do not get to find that out.
I have read your posts in the past and most of them are are littered with spelling mistakes(EG: ware instead of where) etc. ,do you think that this may have been the problem in Carly's case ?.

Respectfully no
I dun tink eye wood of bin so purlite.

Very restrained Red, I'm usually a picky fucker and yours is phone except a few phone auto-corrects for amusement. That's phones for you 1

Offline Redevil86

True, unlike my wife I never spent 10 years in college ( that I financed ) but I will not ask her to check my posts, truthfully, I could say loads and some not good but I will hold on to that so please don't ask guys, thanks.

True, unlike my wife I never spent 10 years in college ( that I financed ) but I will not ask her to check my posts, truthfully, I could say loads and some not good but I will hold on to that so please don't ask guys, thanks.
Its Punting not spelling, maybe she hates Man United fans !

Offline Redevil86

and she's a escort not an English teacher and I was more than willing to hold my end of the bargain up  !

Offline odynsfee

Virtual Waster, As I said I was not being personal it was just an observation so why would you have taken it otherwise ?

Virtual Waster, As I said I was not being personal it was just an observation so why would you have taken it otherwise ?
People always say not being personal, when they are being personal.  Just an observation from living life.

It was clear why she said she wouldn't see the devil, something to do with his location disclosure !

Have a nice day


Just curious, but why on earth would you tell a prossie where you live? When I've been asked in the past I always tell them I live miles away from where I actually do  :unknown:

Offline Redevil86

Said in a previous thread ,  the e-mail process had dragged on for a couple of days and my bad, I said the area I lived ( 3 miles ish away and covers about 8 ish sq miles  may be more ) thinking ( stupidly ) oh not far away then , this was after I had to explain what had been said in all the previous e-mails and was a bit pissed off by then, do remember she had already agreed to see me and I had given her a day and time, I could go on but I won't, but you get the drift  !

Offline Redevil86

And don't forget I was looking for something closer to home as a regular so a lot of money would have gone her way but it will still get spent.

So on that theme then (sort of), have any of you met a wg you have seen whilst out and about, esp with the missus.  If so, any reaction or are they ok generally and ignore you.

That is one of my fears.  I had a phone call in the car the other day (Bluetooth) from a "Lucy". I was shitting myself!  I didn't answer, (rang back later). As it happened it was a work thing in the end, but I had forgotten who Lucy was, as I hadn't spoken to her for ages.  Wife and kids asking why I had cut her off, and who she was...

Offline odynsfee

When I said its not personal I meant it,I was just trying to help for example:
I should imagine that most of us on here make a fair effort in presenting ourselves in a civilized manner as in being clean,polite and communicating properly.
This young lady for example would have more punters than she  could handle I should guess so she could afford to be choosy and thats just a observation of life as well VW.
So if somebody comes across as illiterate she is going to go with the one that can communicate properly, again just another observation of life.
Red, this is definitely not a dig at you I am just stating the obviously and its not an age thing as you asumed as I have seen her and I am no spring chicken either!
Before any one starts with that old chesnut that WG's are there to see you irrespective of how you present yourself just because you have a wad of money in your hand stop living in a cave and get with it.

Offline Redevil86

O fee, you can stand tall for one of your favourite girl's  , no problem with that , I've done it on here and will again if warranted , but you have not seen the e-mails that took four days to trundle to a conclusion , not my fault on that one , she possibly didt like the fact I booked someone else because I was waiting so long for a rely after she said she'd love to meet me and I gave her a date and time, but Evan though I booked someone else next week I was still ok with seeing her as I'd got in touch and would not back out, Evan though it was 3 punts in 2 and a half weeks ( step too far for me ) and I'd have taken chocolates. First refusal in 10 months approx 32 punts and 7 aw positives ! I must be doing something wrong ?

Offline odynsfee

Fair comment Red and as I said before no offence was intended although VW seems to think otherwise, my comments were based on the info that was to hand and things that WG,s have said to me over the years and  they do have a point, I believe so anyway.

Offline Redevil86

I'm always fucking up on my phone , I have reading glasses but can never find them and don't have them to hand in work, guilty of being spec lazy, not an excuse , just too buzzy 7 days a week to walk half a mile to van to get glasses to send a short reply on here and I should check my shit more often, granted. But in life I can do things very well that you can't and you can do things I can't , that's life, this is just a small part of my, 3rd hobby  and thay are well behind work and family life so I don't do that bad all things considered .

Before any one starts with that old chesnut that WG's are there to see you irrespective of how you present yourself just because you have a wad of money in your hand stop living in a cave and get with it.
What cave would that be, never had problems getting a booking of anyone. I just got the impression you were lording it over someone to make your self seem better. And from the cavemen remark I believe you are a feminazi from mumsnet.

Offline odynsfee

Nice one VW you really stepped up to the mark this time,just because you have 2000+ posts you think that you are something special and YOU can LORD over fellow punters comments, I was trying to help Red and I think he is OK with my explanation.
I think you should keep you nose out in future unless you have something constructive to add to this forum.
The caveman comment was not aimed at you directly but if the hat fits.
Have a nice day

Offline Redevil86

I'm just saying fuck all sir, I would never speak down to anyone just to suck up to a w.g to hopefully get favour from her. And if you are going to post derogatory posts have the humanity to take it in the same way you dish it out . As you can see I'm not being personal I'm just trying to help , cheers.

Offline odynsfee

Red,I was not being derogatory in the slightest but if you have taken it as so then I apologize it was not intentional but if you feel that the sarcasm was necessary in your last post then so be it.
However ,you have wrongly accused me of sticking up for the said WG when in actual fact I couldn't give a flying fuck,she is a nice enough punt (whom I have seen once and haven't returned since) so why would I stick up for her FFS, I wouldn't do it even if she was a regular because although I may treat a WG with respect as they are fellow human beings at the end of the day there is never going to be anything personal its just a business transaction.
If anyone was being derogatory it is VW, he has accused me of doing something that I have not and that don't sit well with me I'm afraid and I certainly don't make comments to lord over people,what a load of utter bollocks.
Anyway Red good luck with your punting and rest assured I will keep my advice to myself in future.

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