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Author Topic: Reviews - Long or short  (Read 691 times)

Silly question just like asking what the perfect punt is so different for all of us.

My perfect review is not having to write a bad one !

Offline RedKettle

Important thing is to write a review!  Length up to you.

Important thing is to write a review!  Length up to you.

Yep, any info is better than guessing.


Offline MrBridger

I wonder what Stapler's views on this are? He seems to have an opinion on most things....  :unknown:
Banning reason: Spreading allegations against another punter because of personal dispute

Offline nike

Given a choice between a and b I choose option c both of the above. At the start of each review a brief summary that includes the key information at a glance, followed by a longer blow by blow account .  If the girl is of no interest - or the reviewer is one I know does not share my taste - I can ignore the longer piece.  But better to have the extra detail and not need it than need it and not have it.  :thumbsup:
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I loathe and dismiss reviews that do not even offer basic information.

If it's too long then I'd wager a lot of it won't get read by 99% of people, unless someone is really interested in the girl in question. However when it's a couple of lines it seems almost pointless - on the east of england board the other day some bloke put up about 5 really short reviews in quick succession and immediately got banned, presumably the two things were related?

I like reviews with section headings in bold then easier to find the bits I'm interested in with ease.  Pictures always nice to (Not of the reviewer).

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