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Author Topic: Petra - GFE / Sheffield  (Read 666 times)

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Petra is one of many new girls at GFE since they opened their new Bury place, but wow she does look exactly my type. Quite a few of them do look nice in the pictures to be fair, but you then call up and find out they are older than you expect, fake boobs etc. Petra was described as mid-20s and natural boobs - awesome.

Lookswise she's stunning - really is very pretty, moreso than I expected. The pics are recent so spot on, total babe. She's described as mid-20s and I would say that's a fair assessment. As can be seen form the pictures she has a very nice pair of boobs, slightly squidgy but 95% sure they were natural as described. I noticed a small tattoo on her ankle, didn't see any others.

We go into the room, get naked and start with some kissing. It was very sensual - a word I'll probably use a lot in this review. Nice kissing, some tongue action there but slow - sensual more than passionate. Her breath was ok but she smelt like she worked in a 1960s pub, she absolutely reeked of cigarettes. Very noticable but not really on her breath so it was manageable for me anyway. One other thing about the punt - it felt like she wanted to be there with me, not like I was the customer. I doubt I was her dream guy, but she made it feel like I was which is a massive plus.

She then started kissing down my body all over. Very nice, very sensual, but not really what I want to be paying for. Anyway after a while she worked her way down to my cock. The BJ was kind of unusual but excellent. She didn't really take me deep into my mouth, just focussing on the end but lots of twisting her mouth and rolling from side to side and the sensation was great. Got me thinking as to whether she does CIM - maybe one for next time. On with a condom then sex to completion. After the punt she jumped in the shower which is always nice to see.

On the whole it was a very good punt with a gorgeous sexy girl. I don't think Petra did anything wrong per se, and I could have been a bit more pushy in directing her, and what she did she did well, but there was no passion and chemistry there. I'm definitely keen to see her again and get the feeling it will be one of those situations where I can get a lot more out by putting more in.

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Great review might have to give this a go when I'm in Sheffield. Can you just walk in our do you have to have a pre booking

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