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Author Topic: Tambabe - Tamworth  (Read 1396 times)

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Offline nwbrfc

It was a wet Bank Holiday and nothing was coming up in my searches that I fancied, but I saw this lady whose "green light" wasn't on, but who had logged in the day before. I sent a chance text to ask if she was available. Hey presto she was.

At first glance her profile suggests only massage followed by a OWO HE. Which I was ok with. I arrived at the allotted time - and was kept the usual 20 minutes waiting (typical working girl behaviour in my experience - albeit not usually as long as 20 minutes, but I had nothing else to do).

Anyway, it's a terraced house in a village outside of Tamworth. She opened the door and after I'd entered I was pleased to see a very attractive lady with a fit busty body in a short tight dress.  Her profile says 24 - I'd say 34 judging by the laughter lines, but nothing else about her betrayed her age.

I paid my money and got undressed as did she. Onto my front, she offered baby oil and I accepted. Then she began massaging my upper back area. Quite hard and firm, so if nothing else I was going to get a proper massage, not a typical working girl stroke.  At one point she even got on her knees onto my back - that was interesting.

Anyway, all this time, there was no touching of my nether regions, no gentle tickle of my balls as her hands moved about my body. She got off and laid down and we snogged DFK. I then feasted on her hot body, enjoying some wonderful RO on her, which she seemed to appreciate. Then she put a condom on and we had full sex in all different positions. She may have been petite but she took all of my length no complaint and let me fuck her really hard, until I eventually came.

The thing was I hadn't been expecting sex, just HR with OWO to completion. So the sex was a happy progression. I do not know if she always allows sex, her Likes only hint at it by reference to "15 minute quickies", but that could just be a quick BJ and cum. So I not know if you'll get the same experience as me.

Anyway, she's a lovely accommodating lady, with a sexy body and who enjoys a good hard fuck. Never got to try her OWO, will have to make sure I do next time.

https://www.adultwork.com/2942775 or https://www.adultwork.com/tambabe

1 review(s) found for tambabe linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline misterjt111

Thanks for the review, wonder why she doesn't have any reports on AW though...always makes me a bit cautious if they've been on the site for ages with no reports or very few, but i guess a lot of the Thai girls are like that.

On her profile it says Asian, is that as in Thai/Chinese? Aaand just lastly how long did you book for to get all that?!


Offline nwbrfc

I have no idea why there's no feedback. I admit it is strange.

She is Chinese with long black hair that she kept tied up but occasionally allowed it to come loose.

I stayed an hour.

Offline Parsifal

Google the phone number and she advertises herself as Thai

Offline nwbrfc

Can't comment on that. When I was with her she used her phone translation app that said Chinese. Either way she's Far East.

I've text her ! That would explain the translation of the text !  :rolleyes: how would u compare her to Thai Sindy ?

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