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Author Topic: Samira Sexy4U - Basildon Bait & Switch  (Read 437 times)

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Offline TheBSG


Decent apartment right next to Basildon station, good comms, confirmed DFK on the phone.

It may have been her to answer the door but it was a different girl who come in the room. Should have walked on principal but the other girl was fit although a little older with smaller breasts and I was horny with no time for a plan B.

Can't see a profile on AW for the girl I saw so guessing this B&S happens all the time.

Got down to business and DFK was on offer.... But for 20 quid on top of the 70 i'd already payed. Reverse Oral? You got it, 20 quid... As if i'd pay for her to get off!

Didn't even ask about OWO  or anal as I can guess it would be another 20 quid each even if they were available.

And to think I chose this latina brothel because I was tired of getting ripped off by Romanians!

1 review(s) found for SAMIRA SEXY4U linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Sorry to hear you had a bad time.
This is a different, new brothel to the one I usually favour. If you were sent to the second floor then we have been to the same place. I got bait and switched there too.

In my experience it isn't worth paying extra for anything with the Latinas at both brothels. At the other brothel I haven't ever been refused reverse oral when I've asked, I was refused at this bait and switch one.

Tale tale giveaway to tell the two brothels apart is the photoshoppy pic and the phrase 'southendy' in the area description. The other brothel has pics of the women in the flat, selfies etc. Still no guarantee that the punt will be good, but I have never been B&Sed at the latter place.

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