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Author Topic: Professional Massage by Jessika-Leytonstone  (Read 23024 times)

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Think I need to set up a Jessika fan club  :rolleyes:

Awesome. Thanks for the tip. Nice to see something of note in East London.

Offline Chelsea1

Damn it I tried calling this one last week to no answer!! I ended up seeing Linda Maylee instead. After these reviews I really want to see her more. I love a good massage and HE!!

I tried and tried but another one that doesn't reply to texts or returns calls
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Offline brownie

guys is there parking available or is it better to take the train ?

Offline budgie smuggler

I saw her at the weekend, Ample free parking in street.

She said she also will do 30 mins for £35 (I had an hour) which would mean she is better VFM than the London Relax Massage set-up which, last time I went to their Newbury Park address, ( a couple of years ago) was £40 per half hour + £20? for topless.
She has very strong fingers and is thorough and confident for the massage. Not overtly sensual while face down, but doesn't avoid cc swipes either. Topless is an extra £10. She has a cracking pair of tits, absolutely symmetrical and pert, I thought they were a little bit too firm, but I don't think they were implants, at least I couldn't see any scars.

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She has a cracking pair of tits, absolutely symmetrical and pert, I thought they were a little bit too firm, but I don't think they were implants, at least I couldn't see any scars.

You copped a little feel then?  ;)

Offline budgie smuggler

Oh, yes, she invited me to touch.

I think when she has enough business booked for the day, she just doesn't answer her phone, so you need to ring earlyish.

For those who hope to get her to do more, ie B2B, Oral, I wish you luck, but I don't think you'll succeed.
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Offline peter jb

thanks to others who had uncovered this nugget.
Went to see her today. Its a 10 min walk from Leytonstone tube.Tried to get booking week in advance, but told to phone on morning, Makes it very difficult to plan ahead, and only got text reply after massage booked.
Ground floor flat in terraced house, in quite safe area, compared to some of east london. Greeted at door by dressed down Jessica sans make up, but WOW, - tall ,model looks, great english.
 Didnt use shower as had one just before at gym. The massage table is squeezed into her bedroom. Upfront, said can i have topless for £60 in total. She`s very relaxed in her body, and what a body! I was gentle, but my hands couldnt help roaming over her arse and tits, which i had a little suck of.
I`d give the massage itself 7/10 and the finish 8/10, but that face looking down smiling at you during HR - priceless. Kept thinking what she would look like naked ,on all fours on the adjacent bed, arse in the air - i think i would have handed over my wallet, car keys, everything. She`s that hot - if she was in heels and tight dress in chelsea offering full service she would be charging £250ph.
But she seems happy where she is, not getting out much, and only taking couple of bookings a day. Just seems a waste, as she would make wonderful trophy wife.
You wont find better looking at this price. Get in before some rich bugger takes her off the market.

Offline webpunter

See here: http://professionalmassagebyjessika.simplesite.com/
Is the pic accurate ?  Coz if the case then i'll add to my non-AW HL.  Not the easiest part of London for me to get to - but i'll make the effort

Offline MrE30

Damn it I've tried calling her a few times today but the phone is switched off!!  :dash:

Is the pic accurate ?  Coz if the case then i'll add to my non-AW HL.  Not the easiest part of London for me to get to - but i'll make the effort

I haven't actually seen her, I added the link to assist  :).

She looks awfully nice though!

Offline ChineseMassageNewbie

Thank you to KentPunterRyan for introducing Jessica to us and everyone else who has given information. I also visited Jessika recently, and agree with everything everyone else has said. Here is my review:

I tried to call a couple of times to book, but no answer, no voicemail and no returned call. But she did respond when I texted her.

She asked me to text again an hour before the appointment and she texted back the post code. It is a quiet residential area with free on street parking, but I only found one space in her street.

She quietly welcomed me at the inner door wearing causal loungewear (loose, pajama-like trousers, big baggy t-shirt and big Ugh boot type slippers) which hid her figure. Her hair was up but she had makeup on. She is certainly the girl in the picture and facially very attractive.

Although I had booked an hour, she told me I could have half an hour for £35 or an hour for £50. She also offered to go topless for £10 extra, or massage in her underwear for £30. I did ask if she would put a dress or skirt/top on, but she said; sorry, no. I guess she likes to be comfortable. So I stuck with the basic £50.

Massage takes place on a massage table in her bedroom. There was a TV on, but she turned the sound down and put music on.

She is taller than average (5'9") but her table is quite low (she did mention that it made her back ache). As others have mentioned, her massage technique was good, much better than a typical wg, and clearly trained, but not up there with the best I have had from professional masseuse. (I think a higher table would help her.) There was no deliberate reach under, but she didn't avoid brushing against it (like a professional masseuse would). Her English is good and we had some pleasant chat going on.

She said that she only wants to see two massage customers a day and that is enough money for her. She also does hair and beauty from home as well.

When she turned me over, she worked on my legs, going up around my cock for some time. I noticed that she kept looking at the TV and I eventually asked her to stop looking at it. She then started the hand job (still occasionally looking at the TV). She was happy for me to put a hand on her bum, reach up to her waist and even under her top for a brush against her breast (no bra). Her HR techniques are quite basic (I did teach her a new one) but still nice. When I came she got me to keep quiet.

She cleaned me up with some wet wipes and offered me a towel to wipe the massage oil off my body. When I found the towel inadequate, I asked if she had a shower, which she let me use, saying that normally clients ask if they want a shower (so don't wait for it to be offered, like I was).

Afterwards I told her (in the kindest possible way) that clients would find it rude that she kept looking at the TV. If I see her again, I will insist she turns it off before we start.

We chatted a little. She said her phone had been really busy recently, so I told her that I had read about her massage on "a forum" and that a few people on there had said they had booked a massage with her. "So I'm famous now!" (No one had mentioned it to her before, and I was careful not to give any info.)

Looking at my watch after I left, it was 1hour 10mins from when she sent me the text with the door number, so with the shower and chat, table time was less than a hour.

In summary: She is a very pleasant girl with a nice personality, friendlyish, but not amazingly friendly like some wg's can. She is facially stunning, and I suspect her figure is amazing, but you need to pay extra to see it. I wish she would wear sexier clothes when working - even a closer fitting t-shirt and leggings would be better. And the TV needs to go off!

But she is excellent VFM at £50 for a hour, although £80 in her underwear isn't good VFM as you can get full naked body to body for that elsewhere. Would I go back? Maybe - her downsides are all things that could be improved with gentle feedback.
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I'm interested in seeing this girl at some point.

I find it a bit weird that she offers to strip down to her underwear for £30 extra, yet she'll do topless for £10 extra?

Or is the £30 for topless and knickers?

And yes, the TV thing's a bit naff!

Offline peter jb

I didnt notice the tv, although it could have been on in the background with sound down. If i had have noticed, i would have asked her to turn it off.
Not sure i would pay £30 extra for her to strip down to knickers - you can stroke her butt cheeks over her leggings. Its worth the £10 for topless, as she has a cracking figure, and you can suck on her tits :P
I did offer to still pay her, but i would massage her naked, but she just looked confused. Would like to see her panting and squirming with a reverse massage.
I think i`ll go and see Sandra in Bow, for 90mins of holding me on edge, without touching my cock, and then see Jessica to finish me off :wacko:

Your welcome CMN, it`s amazing how this place rewards the good girls and looses business for the bad ones, glad Jess is still doing what she does, she was a lovely girl and one of my best punts to date, I don`t often see a girl twice, so many choices out there but for a rub and tug from a beauty like her she is very hard to beat, I don`t think unless your name is Trump or Branson anyone will get to have a full service with her, but sometimes less is more as they say

Right off to Metropolis to see what I can find

Happy punting

Went to go see her today.

30minute session rub and tug

Comms was good and her apartment clean and tidy.   She had a mate sitting in the kitchen

Her room is a decent size and the massage table is fine.

Body wise she's not exactly my cup of tea,  she is fairly pretty and I'd give her a 7 out of ten.   She's very lean and the boobs are defo implants.   

Strong massage,  clearly had some practice and the HE was vanilla.

Would I go back?   Doubt it,  although it was good Vfm

Offline webpunter

I'm getting confused
http://massageuk14.wix.com/classic  - this shows Miranda.  Who looks OK but too far for me to travel & loads of other alternatives
http://professionalmassagebyjessika.simplesite.com/   On the other hand Jessika has the angelina jolie look about her.  Could make the effort with her !
So which is which ?

Offline peter jb

its the second one. Looking at the wide mouth and eyebrows i can see what you mean re. Angelina Jolie. ;)

Offline pocol237

Can you ask her for hj massage and hj for 1 hour booking?

Offline Dannadanna

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Thank u very much. I really apreciate your review.  :kiss: :kiss: jessika

Offline G.Raff

Smart girl to bump up the thread from nowhere

Yeah but she`s cute so we can let her off

Offline webpunter

Yeah but she`s cute so we can let her off
+1.  Someone needs to mention that the nic should match up.  Not sure how the rules apply as she's not on AW.  Don't want her banned do we now !

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