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Author Topic: Mature Katarina - One strike and you're out, it seems.  (Read 1229 times)


I contacted this lady earlier in the week, asking to make an appointment on Sunday.  The date and time was agreed, and specific details of the meet were discussed - so far so good.

Sod's law - the following day I got some bad news that meant I could no longer keep the appointment.  I sent Kat a message on AW to let her know something had come up, and very apologetically told her I'd need to cancel, but would be back in touch at a later date to reschedule.  The message appeared as having been read, but I received no response from Kat.

So today I sent another message just to check that she'd definitely seen the cancellation notice - message showed up as having been immediately deleted.  Looks like she's got me blocked, probably assuming I get my kicks wasting people's time.

One strike and you're out it seems, with this lady.  Somewhat harsh?

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Offline David1970

Looking at her profile photo lucky escape mate.

Offline Dakota

Hi Cartman

Don't know what you have done to upset her, but I have found Kat to be very accommodating and have both made inquiries and cancelled on her a few times.  Clearly we all have different tastes but I would have her in my Glasgow Top 10 any day


Offline RandyF

An error of judgement on her part cartman2k15.  She probably has to make the timewaster judgement call 20x a day..not always gonna get it right.

She's clearly very busy (somebody sit me down and explain that to me please, aye?) has many fans on here.

It's just tough shit.  But if there's one thing Glasgow has never been short off it's mature home grown hoors  :thumbsup:
Banning reason: Troll


I have 3 in this category now and no amount of grovelling will change their minds.

Hard lesson cos they would have been 3 great punts. But these girls do operate a 1 strike policy.

Moral. Try not to book till you're sure, try to phone and if all else fails, move on to the other 75997.

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