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Author Topic: Horny Girl English - AKA Summer  (Read 1018 times)

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So this is long overdue as I have been pretty much working non stop! So apologies for this. i think summer might be retiring soon but she's "retired" before then come back.

https://www.adultwork.com/2130796 or https://www.adultwork.com/HornyEnglishGirl

Booking: 2 hours
Price: I think I paid £300-£350 I forgot.

So I saw Summer in January (I know long time sorry lads!) in a hotel in London. It started off fairly badly as I was waiting for about 20 mins because she was having a dinner. Now this was around 6pm and by that point I did not want to faff around with finding a new girl. Plus I like to do a lot of research before punting as my "on a whim" girls have never been great.

After 20 or so mins she told me what room so off I trot. Now at this point I must admit that she did mention not to use the lifts as they need a key... I didn't understand her... So I walk in and head to the lifts and press for the 2nd floor... Nothing happens except the door closes. I press again and press other floors nothing. So I exit the lifts after about a min of standing there!

Finally I get to her door. I knock and open it to find an absolute beauty! I asked her to dress in a sexy form hugging dress with a specific type of lingerie and stockings from her photos. Sadly she didn't bring these with her from Leicester. No problem as the clothes aren't going to be on for long anyway!

I hop in the shower, which is one of those "rainforest" type things where it's basically directly above your head and a lot comes out. Now the place we were in had sound proof rooms, which is just as well as there was a lot of moaning and banging against the wall. We sit on the bed and start kissing. Slowly her hands caress my now rock hard dick while I caress her breasts. This was before her boob job (though not sure if she's had it or not but from her photos it looks like she has)

After a while she gives me head and she's alrite. Knows where and when to lick and suck etc. not outstanding but not rubbish in any way at all. It'd be enough to get you off for sure.

I don't really remember much as my memory isn't really that good but I know her pussy was incredibly tight. Easily the tightest girl I've fucked and she is a moaner. After some reserve oral she was quite loud when she came (thank you sound proof rooms...)! And when she cums and her tight pussy tightens up a bit more... wow....

We tried doggy, missionary, cowgirl positions. We took a quick shower and it ended with me lying on the bed and her next to me but facing me. She was finger herself while I masturbated. I finally came on her amazing tits (i told her not to get a boob job!)

I'm not a great writer so my review isn't great. but here is a summary:


Other than the key card issue I had it was very good. Large bed and soundproof rooms. The shower was a bit small as we took a shower together but it was okay.

Summer's Serviced:

Great body
Incredibly tight pussy
Realistic moaner (non of that fake porn screaming)

She occasionally checked her phone. Now I haven't got a major problem as long as she doesn't spend more than 30 seconds on it. A quick glance is fine as I always do 2 hour bookings anyway so time isn't as major a factor for me. However it is in a con as I know some of you don't like that.
Blowjob is okay nothing to write home about
Kept me waiting 20 or so mins due to "dinner"


I had a great two hours. Yes it didn't start off well but overall it was a great punt. I would rank it probably my 3rd best ever punt. I also found that she wasn't as easy to talk to, not in a "i don't want to talk" kinda way but more we're two different people. We got on, had some laughs and jokes but just never connected. That being said other people might feel differently and she def gave it her all during sex etc.

Would I see her again?

This is really the question I look at when people write reviews. As I don't really see the same girl twice. But for me yes I would see her again. In fact if her friend Charlotte and Summer weren't "retiring" then I would be booking a duo with them as I intend to do a final UK punt (moving abroad for work hence the lack of reviews lately!)

Again sorry for the late review and the bad writing and lack of information. it was a while ago and I am not a great writer! I will hopefully be posting another review soon but any questions just PM me.
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6 review(s) found for NAUGHTYENGLISHBABE linked to in above post (6 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline rafatheira

So there are horny English girls? :unknown: Who knew?  :D

Looks awesome, one for the hotlist. Thanks for the review! :hi:

Haha I know right?

I'd be quick. Apparently there two are retiring soon but whether or they're actually retiring or marketing retiring I don;t know :P

Offline rafatheira

Haha I know right?

I'd be quick. Apparently there two are retiring soon but whether or they're actually retiring or marketing retiring I don;t know :P

Forever retiring, they all are  :dancegirl:. I have some meets planned already, but she's definitely one I'd like to see. :thumbsup:

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