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Author Topic: Bunny_1989 Glasgow  (Read 1921 times)

Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/2051017 or https://www.adultwork.com/bunny%5F1989

This wee porker is not too far from me. I've came close a few times to visiting her but it's just never materialised.

Can't believe she's not been reviewed as of yet.

Anyone got anything on her?

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Online guns

Quite like the look of her actually  ;)
Think I might pay her a visit but I have never seen her profile before .
How did you find her ? I usually search Glasgow and Scotland in A/W and she doesn't come up  :unknown:

Offline JazzMan

Please explain where you got her profile?
If you do a search and type in "Pollockshields" in the town.
And leave the Region and County/Area blank you find her, and only her.
Who is going to do that?

She looks like a horse.
A fat ugly horse.
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Offline seeker

The  body does not match her face
Proportionately. ..
Size 10 to 12  :sarcastic: :sarcastic: :sarcastic:
Ffs   looks like a donkey in a bra and knickers.  :thumbsdown:

How did I find her? Hardly rocket science. I live in g-hill. Using the iOS feature on aw I do proximity search. I scan pass Romanian donkeys. Says she's 1.1 mile away.

Having spoke to her I know where she is roughly. Street name and she states she's in a ground floor flat. Like that's a usp in itself. Maybe that's for fatties and geriatrics.

Offline RandyF

 :D :lol:

An obscure AW searching methodology you hadn't tried yet Jizzster? 

So what if you were through all the regions of the central belt. Right, then check all the towns, make a list of the names profiles up.  Google them. See where that takes things. Reverse images search the pics. Open any feedbacks on each profile and google awe of them tae.  Cross reference them with the default aw database. And finally then crosstab correlate th results together

That'll keep you busy through the weekend mate  :drinks:
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Offline Largeboy

She used to work  GEA.   Now independent seen her a few times  just does half hour meets now she's  is scottish  and good shag. Does owo and is very good at it  nice wet sloppy blow job not a clock watcher definitely worth a visit used to go by the name of Cameron

I took the plunge with this young lady a few weeks ago. Report to follow.

Online bigbell

photo is about 3/4 years ago

she has slimmed down a bit, body is more toned
looked like she has been working out
tits are lot smaller,stretch marks

owo,anal not on offer

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