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Author Topic: class  (Read 1027 times)

Offline 1more1

Just look at the door in the background of her profile picture


I think this is the third profile she has had on in the last couple of days

If it's the girl I think it is she goes by the name Rosie

I went to see her about a year ago but made a sharp exit as she was stoned out her head (and has rotten teeth).

Offline chico1000

Brilliant...Looks she had a visit from a certain UKP punter.  Her first booking should be a joiner.
Banning reason: Troll

Think I met this girl a couple of years back? Was stoned oot her nut! There was a note on the table as I walked in saying 'I've got a punter at 10' don't know if it was to remind her or her bf in the other room. Tried very politely to leave but she kept harassing me to fuck her for an extra £10, eventually had to drop the nice act and tell her I just wasn't interested and walked.

Yep can confirm this is Rosie, chops and changes her name around. Definitely a junkie, stinkin flat. Avoid like the plague, I just had a look about a year ago and walked straight back out......laughing.

Offline 1more1

I'm not sure if this is the same girl or not but I won't be going near in case


Be a shame if she just happened to pick the name at random and has nothing to do with that dirty wee junkyard

Definitely stay away, proper junkie with a shithole of a flat, avoid!

The first link appears to have vanished now haha... Got redirected to other locals, check out this beauty

https://www.adultwork.com/2820284 or https://www.adultwork.com/millybrooks :rose:

Offline seeker

Always amazes me that guys pay
Good money to %_£₩ these  :unknown:

Offline auldie63

She must make a bundle at Halloe'en. Scared the shit outa me.

Ffs, why would anybody want to spend £60 of their hard earned on this beauty? Nowt in Fife atm, I'm heading for the capital for my fun.

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