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Author Topic: Naughty Mia - Touring  (Read 967 times)

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Following on from the review from, ‘Apprentice’, thank you sir, I decided to pay Naughty Mia a visit. She is a touring escort and was working in Croydon for a couple of days when I visited her. When I spoke to her to arrange the meeting, she asked me if I was happy to visit her at her hotel. It was not a problem for me, but I am sure that some men prefer residential incalls. She also enquired as to whether I was a member of Adult Work and had any feedback. She sounded confident and older than 18 years old over the phone. The location was a hotel chain, about five minutes walk from East Croydon railway station.

I called her when I was outside the building and she gave me her room number, there were no issues with receptionists, I headed straight for the lifts, no card key required to operate them. Mia greeted me barefoot in a tight clinging dress. She had run out of clean towels so I was not able to have a shower. This was not a problem for me because I had enjoyed a shower an hour prior to my arrival. Generally I get the impression that girls do prefer punters to shower upon arrival, regardless of how long ago they had washed, this obviously was not an issue for Mia. I paid Mia £130 for an hour, (£100 for the hour and £30 extra to include OWO and swallowing).

After paying her, I began to disrobe. For some reason it felt a bit awkward to me, we had not had any physical contact at this point. No greeting kiss, hug/handshake and conversation was not forthcoming. I initiated all dialogue throughout. The TV was playing in the background for the duration. The room was a decent size. As mentioned in her Adult Work profile interview, she is a ‘social smoker’ and I had the faint hint of smokers breath when I kissed her. I would say that she was larger than a dress size 8 as stated, stated in the profile, more like size 10? I also think that her breasts looked larger than a D cup, but that was a bonus for me. I must admit that female dress sizes are not my forte. She cares about her appearance, wore some make up and her perfume smelt good to me. When she removed her dress she revealed that she was not wearing any underwear. I had not made an outfit request, I wish I had. I appreciate unwrapping a girl from a piece of sexy lingerie. She does, as mentioned in her interview profile have tattoos, but I was surprised at the extent. This may but some punters off, I am not particularly a fan.

Mia was a good kisser and indulged in this activity throughout my time with her. She seemed to enjoy reverse oral, I certainly enjoyed her bouts of OWO and I eventually ejaculated in her mouth. I was with her for about 45-50 mins in total, but I did not feel short changed. However, I did feel as though I had put most of the effort in to our meeting and that she hadn’t fully engaged with me. I would recommend her to other members.

5 review(s) found for x Naughty Mia linked to in above post (3 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline LL

Nice detailed review. The drawback of seeing a girl in a hotel unfortunately is that there's often no clean towels left. I imagine the reception staff would become suspicious if she were to ask for more than a couple more, in addition to the couple already in there - and how long are they going to last through her shift? At least she was honest though! Some girls don't tell you there are no clean towels and just let you figure it out after you've finished your shower - either taking a chance with a towel which may be clean (or air-dried after an earlier use  :vomit:) or else there's always the option of using your t-shirt - if wearing one (and something else to wear afterwards without the t-shirt).

A really good WG would check into a hotel with a suitcase containing a load of her own towels. I wonder if any of them do this. I haven't seen it done.

Offline doobes

At least she was honest though!


I've had the old "It's slightly damp but don't worry, it's the towel I use." a couple of times.

Offline LL


I've had the old "It's slightly damp but don't worry, it's the towel I use." a couple of times.
But even if it's the one she uses, she doesn't say what she's using it for. It might have mopped up the last punters jizz off the floor! :D

Most decent WGs I've met in hotels bring a suitcase of towels with them to avoid this.

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