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Author Topic: Alex - Surrey Gems - Camberley  (Read 1641 times)

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Offline Zowieberg

Plan A didn't work out.  My  plan b was Alex at Surrey Gems.

Pretty straight forward and easy to arrange meeting.

The Punt:
Having been there before I did not check the pricing and found that they have changed their structure.  In the past £140 for an hour was the 'VIP' package with OWO, FK and RO but now, this is all on top as 'extras' and while I could have walked away, Alex was hot and my cock took command so I went for a pretty vanilla experience and while I enjoyed the session, I think this new price structure makes it less likely that I will return.

Alex seemed happy to go for Anal and CIM but as chargeable extras, I am not so surprised.  She was however, really nice to get along with and were the pricing structure a bit more realistic I would visit again.  For now though, it's a negative.

And I am removing this place from my 'Plan B' section for future.


Offline Ben4454

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Yes, thanks for the information.

They used to have a great system with a base price plus a shopping list of extras.

That then seems to become all or nothing i.e. your VIP package.

Now with a base price of £ 140 + extras their business is sure to go downhill.

Guys, if you're reading this, get real. It doesn't serve you to try and confuse or stitch up your clients. I used to be a regular until you did a bait and switch on me and tried to charge me max price just because I wanted OWO.


Offline luthor

I remember seeing Alex a few years ago when Cloud 9 was in Woking way. Attractive and great bod but wasn't particularly proactive and as previous mentioned was vanilla, so quite hard work to get anything beyond robotic.

Pricing is not good though, cant see them lasting on that structure, shame.

Zowieberg How much did it cost in total in the end? I have never been there but was thinking about it. Seeing that they do a pricing structure that could ruin the mood has kept me away.
If their staff are reading this, I suggest they let punters know straight up what its going to cost without going beyond a reasonable rate. Not knowing what to expect has kept me away. I understand Surrey Gems are looking at it from a business side and for the money but that's not the atmosphere I intend on stepping into.

Offline Zowieberg

I paid £160 so as to get OWO and it was very pleasant.  I have no plans to return however, given their price hike.

Tbf, they were always a bit expensive considering the 'extras' but it was easier to tailor to budget when 1 hour started at £90.  £140 starting price.... I'm out!

Offline berksboy

   £140 should be all in apart from A .

Offline thekman100

I used to see Guildford Gems almost weekly at one point. Great prices, great service. Then it moved/merged and it has never been the same. 2 punts which were average and yet more than other better independents in the wider area.

It's almost good to know this as it confirms my decision not to even look at their website anymore! A real pity as more variety is needed locally (from 'trusted' sources).

£140 plus extras is just ludicrous and central london prices.

Offline Mr Doodle

Thanks for the advice - I have been considering them for a while, but will give them a miss for now..

Offline thekman100

I too remember Alex from Guildford Gold days. Lovely body and pretty. Average service tbf but back then it was 50/90 for the 30/60 mins, £20 for owo and I think only £30 for a levels!

My best ever punts were there with a polish girl who sadly went home. The perfect GFE, didn't do Anal which I love but I kept going back anyway. So marriage material hahaha!  :lol:

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