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Author Topic: Bella Black (just about a positive)  (Read 420 times)

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Offline Talbear


Bit of an odd one this..... I've scored it as a positive as overall it was a good experience.... But there are some definite question marks over the photos and her publicised age.

Comms were excellent on the lead up to a visit to her at the Premier Inn in Chelmsford.

Her photos look really good, and her private gallery suggested I was in for a great time with a stunner.... However when she greeted me and I subsequently saw her naked I realised that they must have been taken some time ago, and the airbrush has definitely taken at least a stone off her real figure.

That aside I opted for the hours tie and tease.... Which was expertly executed... I really enjoyed the great attention she paid to my cock and surrounding area...

I then finished off with her riding me to completion (in the dark!!!!)

Overall it was a really good sexual experience, however she is most certainly older than her profile suggests (at least 40 I would guess), and her pictures really need to be updated to reflect this.

Did I have a good time.... Yes
Will I return.... No

2 review(s) found for Bella Black linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline englandfan

totally agree

i went to see her a couple of years ago and walked......

arrived, thought.......you look a bit older, but stayed with it - kissed her and ran my fingers through here hair - she pulled them away saying 'please dont - its a wig

i have to be careful with my safety being recognised'

i said - you know what i ve changed my mind then, and left......... she kept £20 and gave me the rest back and opened the hotel room door

i left promptly

Offline Hackneylad1

I have seen her a few times recently - the photos are heavily photoshopped which is misleading - for sure bigger around the hips and ass but I go back because a bigger ass is what I like. The other reason I return is because she delivers exactly what she states a bloody good owo. Age wise I guess around 35-40.

Shame about the photos really - if she put some accurate ones up then I think she would avoid negatives by attracting those who like a decent sized figure and those that are into skinny would go elsewhere.

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