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Author Topic: Greta South Kensington  (Read 468 times)

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This is my first review. I hope that it will be interesting for you guys.
I was looking for good looking girls and I found Greta
Here's the link:
I call the number on the page and I asked if she was available. The person in the call center didn't know, she asked around like if she was there by mistake. Anyway she was available and they texted me the address.
She opened and she was cute, even if pictures were better. I paid for a hour. I was a little nervous but she try to make me feel confortable. She started with the condom and licking it with a bj. That was nice but she hit me with the teeth too many times. I asked her to go on top and I didn't feel anything. So I went on top and every two seconds she stopped me to check if the condom was still on. She changed two condom because of that, althought everything was fine. Of course, stopping all the time I lost my mojo. I asked her for a massage, but she frequentaly checked the phone to chat with somebody. She decided that the massage was over and she told me to go, even if only there were still 30' of time.
Result: I paid 110£ for a massage (not great, but better than nothing) and my balls were still full.
Many girls in the sites write that they love their job. Honestly I don't think she could write anything like that without being a liar!
No more!!!

Offline Steely Dan

Thanks for the review.
I don't see this agency on the wiki and have not used them.  Looks like the typical over photoshopped bullshit.  No wonder London agencies don't have a lot of fans here.  Anyway, they might tell you to fuck off, but it could be worth complaining.  Some agencies respond to complaints - perhaps half off your next punt. Not much to lose.

Offline yumyum3

No wonder London agencies don't have a lot of fans here.
Indeed. I would never use an agency. Over-hyped, photoshopped, overpriced bullshit.  :hi:

Offline Josh Smith

This isn't her first neg. but my she looks hot as fuck in them pics.
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Offline Andrew23

you should have read my review on her. Shes a fucking bitch

plus shes not the real greta. the image has been stolen from another escort agency

here is the review

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