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Author Topic: massage with unexpected service, north Leeds  (Read 3921 times)

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Offline normal_guy


I was in the market for a shoulder/back massage today, and found https://www.gumtree.com/p/swedish-massage-services/swedish-massage-by-lavinia-/1121554819 online.

Lavinia is late 20s, blonde, nice boobs, probably a mother but no bad thing, and shaven. Told me after she was from Russia.

£40 for half hour massage or £60 for hour. Private semi in north leeds.

She was wearing a small translucent black dress with thong and bra underneath. On entering the bedroom I was asked whether I wanted massage or full service. £40 for massage with happy ending or £50 for full service. I chose the former, then after 10 mins asked if she'd get naked. She said that it was full service and an extra tenner.

No services discussed, but she put a rubber on me and started sucking. I asked if we could 69. Then I blew my load. Got the full 30 mins.

Thanks for sharing!

This is EXACTLY the kind of thing I want to see more of, I know there are girls and places that do it, but its just finding them. Most of time Its chinese or Thai birds who only ever wank you off, no offence to them but I can wank myself off for nothing.

What we really need is a decent massage followed by some decent sex or at very least a suck off with 69.

Please please let one show up around Doncaster way, would be a blessing.

In the mean time might have to have a drive over to leeds lol

Offline p3ngu1n

What's she like facially? Attractive? Average?

Body size? 10? 12? Cheers for sharing

Sorry - were the prices for services in addition to the massage?

Thanks for posting. Sounds good.
I'd also like to know more about her looks and body.

Offline yorkyray

the link to her has been removed

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