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Author Topic: ms_tanikaxo - Big Booty Mixed Race Girl - Anyone seen her??  (Read 2245 times)

Offline punther

Anybody had an experience with the lady below??

Feedback would be much appreciated

https://www.adultwork.com/3053765 or https://www.adultwork.com/ms%5Ftanikaxo

I've no experience of her, but although she's a good-looking girl with a gorgeous figure and arse, she seems very expensive for pretty limited services?

Offline Si198

I'm pretty sure she's Aruba Jasmine which might be why she charges so much.


I might be wrong but she is hot but is abit high.

Yes, that would seem to be her!

I wonder why she doesn't mention this in her AW profile in order to 'justify' her high price?

I can't imagine she's trying to keep her real identity a secret, since she shows her face in her Public Gallery?

Offline Si198

Unless it's a switch and bait.

Could be that she has an an old escort name so unless she's trying to pop up on old clients hot lists.

Would be good to see her but unfortunately  £250 is just too much if I was gonna see her I would probably just bite the bullet and pay for the 2 hour session for an extra £100 but still too much.

If anyone does see her would be great to know if it is a real profile

Offline Si198

Profile has completely changed now different girl

Profile has completely changed now different girl

Gutted! Was watching (drooling over) Aruba Jasmine on Rampant Tv a few weeks ago, would absolutely loved to have seen her.

Shame! It turned out to be a different person.
Why do girls do this?
Don't they think we will find out and blow the whistle on them
As bait and switch.  :unknown:

Offline Si198

It is a shame that it wasnt actually aruba well have to just keep a look out but I did think the above profile was strange considering the price and lack of I'm actually a pornstar etc.

Hello guys, I joined up to find out about Aruba Jasmine, if anyone knows how to get to book her I am in, I am happy to pay the note, I don't care, you only live once, and you cannot take it with you, I am in for £500 upwards, definitely, she is absolutely my dream Woman shape, not to say she will be amazing, but that look and body, I have no words.....genuinely breathtaking, all natural, all curves, the hips, the attitude #sold
enough said, regards LMIV73

Offline Si198

Best thing you can do is check her twitter page and see if my she sets up a site.

I don't think she escorts if she does she keeps it very quite but if you manage to ever see her do update the thread I would love to meet her too.

Offline TonyD

she used to have an adultwork profile (Aruba Jasmine)  :hi:

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