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Author Topic: Charlottescott69: 30min incall in Brandon, Suffolk  (Read 1133 times)

15 review(s) for Charlottescott69 (14 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

https://www.adultwork.com/2683091 or https://www.adultwork.com/Charlottescott69

Well, I've had her on my radar for some time now (rather apt, bearing in mind the proximity of two US airbases).

Anyway, I knew I was going to be in the vicinity in the days ahead and I initiated an AW email exchange with her. This turned rather steamy fairly soon and a meet was arranged.

Comms were excellent, I was a little held up on my journey. Infact, 30mins late was looking a real possibility. I managed to text from a completely stationary M11 and was told it was OK so long as it wasn't any longer than that. As it happened, I was only 15mins late.

I was discreetly greeted at the front door by Charlotte who then planted a very warm kiss on my lips. A quick look up and down revealed a smiling blonde with a very sexy figure and a pretty face, dressed in a short skirt and revealing blouse. I'm not really a fan of 'fake tits' and Charlotte has them - but they're not stupidly large and the overall Charlotte package is 'very sexy blonde MILF'.

Following her up the stairs and checking out her gorgeous little arse had me getting an instant boner and I quickly freshened up in the bathroom. On joining her in the bedroom we immediately commenced the action which we'd spoken about in some detail in our earlier email exchange.

Charlotte kisses incredibly sexily. I don't think I've met a better kisser - sensuality, intimacy and sheer lust, all in a kiss. OMG!! She instantly had me doing it her way and it made me rock hard. We undressed each other as we kissed and Charlotte got down on her knees and gave me just the most dirty and erotic blowjob, all the time telling me she was looking forward to taking a big load of my spunk in her mouth. Fantastic! The she got me to lay back on the bed where she gave my balls, arse and cock a jolly good tongue-lashing. She was licking me all over, in-between my legs, the lot.

I was gasping with pleasure and in a bid to stop me cumming too fast, I got her to lay down on her back on the bed to return the favour. Charlotte has a full, meaty but pretty smoothly-waxed pussy, and I devoured it with aplomb. I must confess, she had applied a little sweet-tasting lube I think, but I soon licked this off the reveal her true flavour - the flavour of lust and sex! I had no qualms about doing for her just exactly as she had done for me. All the time, egged on by some nice dirty, slutty talk. She lay back and swung her legs out wide to give me full access, thrusting her hips up so I could lick her lovely little anus. I spent a fair amount of time nuzzling, sucking and licking her tits too. She very much enjoyed some pretty intense attention to her nipples, which offered themselves up nicely for a gentle biting and chewing.

By this time I was gagging to fuck her and my cock was very much 'in the vicinity'. Although I had no intention whatsoever of doing otherwise, I was told very firmly yet nicely that this was the time to rubber up. She quickly presented me with a little rubber friend and I teased my bell-end around the lips of her vagina, receiving appreciative gasps until finally, plunging into her wetness. Her eyes rolled over like the shark in Jaws and I was eaten alive!

All the time I was fucking her she was talking pure filth (copyright, The Sun) as I varied the speed and angle, telling me exactly what her pussy was feeling. Just the sexiest thing! She purposely placed a pillow under bum so I could go really deep and I felt myself nudging her cervix. After a few minutes of bump & grind deep stick I got her on all-fours so I could do her doggy. By my estimation she came twice, whether that was real or good acting, I don't know. It felt real to me. I kept telling her I was going to cum soon and she told me she wanted to taste my spunk. Just as I felt the sap rising I whipped out and pulled off the condom just in time to see her offering up her willing mouth. She looked right into my eyes as I splashed a big wad or 3 all over her open mouth and face. As my orgasm subsided she took me gently in her mouth to taste and lick me clean. I couldn't resist planting a salty-tasting kiss on her mouth and we both fell about giggling.

There was no rush for me to bugger off, and a little chat (she's a nice lady and a good talker) and a clean up ensued, followed finally by a nice warm kiss on the front door mat before I made my way out into the cul-de-sac. No-one was about on my way in or my way out. I have no idea if her neighbours know what goes on here but in no way did I feel exposed or intimidated.

So in summary: £70 for a pretty damn filthy half-hour with a gorgeous, sexy, willing MILF. Would I return? YES.

[NB - yes, I have purposely addressed two previously-discussed issues in this review: does Charlotte 'pack them in' and does Charlotte engage in bareback? Well even if she only had a 30min gap before me, and a 30min gap after (which I have no way of knowing), what I experienced was a clean, fragrant and willing partner and an unrushed booking. In addition to this, it was obvious in my booking that a condom for sex was obligatory.

Overall, I'd give Charlotte a 9/10.
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15 review(s) found for Charlottescott69 linked to in above post (14 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Good review WW, it all chimes very much with me and my experience with Charlotte visa vis the "production line attitude" and "bareback" issues highlighted by others.
I'm sure she's quite a busy woman what with a family and part time job etc outside of her AW life, that doesn't mean she's "a production line", but rather that she's trying to satisfy an undoubted demand whenever she can.
I too "tested her out" re bareback on our second meet ( fully aware of the fact that she once reputedly listed bareback ) and was firmly told to rubber up pronto !!!
Maybe she listed, and maybe even actually offered, bareback once but she's probably seen the error of her ways now and is behaving responsibly as far as I can tell.
It's also possible that bareback was listed inadvertently and never actually offered isn't it ?
In my opinion she's one of East Anglia's all too rare top prossies.

Is there any geezer left in Norfolk and Suffolk who hasn't emptied his balls either inside or on this woman?!  :unknown:

Immaterial, my dear Watson.

If she provides a good service for a reasonable fee, that guys want to avail themselves of - that's all that counts.

Would you consign her to the scrapheap?
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Offline cunnyhunt

It's also possible that bareback was listed inadvertently and never actually offered isn't it ?

As general information for AW profiles, enjoys such as Bareback and Unprotected have to be ticked/chosen in the same way as OWO or French kissing.

Offline Natwest

As general information for AW profiles, enjoys such as Bareback and Unprotected have to be ticked/chosen in the same way as OWO or French kissing.

Speaking as someone who had a most enjoyable punt with her and it is pretty obvious she is a busy lady, I also believe she has a "significant other" who would be pretty pissed off getting the "pox" from random barebacking punters every other week.

If this was an issue in the past, it does not appear to be now and certainly my knob has yet to shrivel up and drop off in the time period that has elapsed since she enjoyed my services. There was no offer with me of bareback though it was never and would never have been asked for. We don't have to hand an AW screenshot showing it was once on offer and it isn't now. Nobody I think has come up with recent evidence.

I would happily go back to see her. The evidence at the moment would not be enough for the DPP to bring about a prosecution methinks. 

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