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Author Topic: English busty chloe  (Read 1064 times)

  https://www.adultwork.com/1571464anyone seen Chloe been on my hotlist for ages thinking about ticking the box can't find any reviews on here
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Offline Hertsgent

One linked from two years ago on my view, although doesn't look great ...

You could TOFTT to see the 2015 version and report back ?!

Offline SouthernGeordie

Havent been on here lately but hope you didnt waste your money

I visited Chloe in Bracknell early August 15 for 1 hour (oe so i thought) - £90

I got in the hotel room to find her not wearing the requested outfit  - just jeans and jumper + no make up etc

She stripped off  and started sucking my cock - not too bad.
I went down on her and it was stubble -

Then she basically went for it  with me spunking in her mouth(ish) before i wanted too - 25 mins in and she just got dressed!!!

Id lost interest by then so just left feeling ripped off

Maybe its just the summer holidays with the kids playing on her mind ( she mentioned them frequently) but I wouldnt recommend Chloe

Pay a bit extra and get the real deal
Banning reason: Troll

Offline Mikestokes

She works out of hotels, i tried her once, and will definitely not be going back. No real coomunication during the punt, no service or effort to make you enjoy your time.

If on hot list i would very strongly recommend you to take her off asap.

Banning reason: aka Adamaussie

I saw her at an hotel in Luton, very poor punt turned up she was in clothing that made her look very frumpy and she put very little effort into the punt.

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