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Author Topic: curvy busty Alex x - Reading  (Read 1542 times)

8 review(s) for curvy busty alex x (5 positive, 3 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]


This was the 2nd time I've seen this girl, hence the positive review; and compared with my previous visit and other reviews, it seems like her service is improving. 

The first visit was a couple of years ago when she first arrived in Reading, and was in a fairly well-know flat near the Oracle.  The visit then was a slightly lacklustre affair and at the time I thought I'd just got her at the end of a busy day, or that she was having a bad day generally, or wasn't really suited to this line of work.  She seemed intelligent and mentioned she was studying at uni, so perhaps was annoyed that despite her education, she was fucking for a living, or that men were only interested in her on account of her magnificent tits - and they are magnificent: huge and heavy - seeing them heaving around or weighing down on your chest as she's on top sends me to heaven, and I am a fan of the larger lady...  Anyway, I digress.... from speaking with her on my 2nd visit, the previous flat was/still is working premises/business, for which she was no doubt obliged to give a cut of her wages, which may explain her reluctance - she now claims she's independent, and if that's the case, seems happier and more willing as a result.  So, onto the details of that visit, and the point of the review...

Time and date of visit: 9.30pm, 29th August

Location: apartment block a minute or so from Reading Station.  Felt completely safe, and with sufficient numbers of passers-by and general activity to be completely discrete and anonymous.  Was buzzed in quickly and into the lift to the 3rd floor.  Flat almost directly opposite the lift, but she opened the door very quickly and ushered me inside.  The room was suitably lit, warm without being too hot and with en-suite.  The shower was great - clean, nice and warm and with great water pressure - a far cry from the usual pathetic dribble you get from those electric units you often find. 

Fee: £100 for an hour

The details:  Fancying a punt and being an absolute sucker for big tits, I phoned Alex early in the evening to see if she was available, which she was in a couple of hours.  Subsequent contact, including a half hour delay to the start time and buzzer details were conducted by text.  Once inside, I asked for a towel to run myself under the tap (great shower), after which I joined her on the bed.  Appearance-wise, I find her attractive - I liken her to the girls you see on xlgirls.com.  She's blonde and early to mid-20's.  Her magnificent boobs I may have mentioned before, and with other curves to match.  She's very much a BBW, rather than simply a fat bird, and that includes being very tall (nearly 6ft), so smaller visitors should bear this in mind.  I'm no giant, and personally love the feeling of being enveloped by such figures when they're on top of me...

Once out of shower and onto the bed, the action commenced with some FK - not massively deep and passionate, but enough to get things doing.  She then moved down to owo, which was performed with some skill, although could have been deeper.  Despite encouragement, she wasn't that good at playing with my balls, but maybe I was too lost in the moment to give precise instructions.  She does CIM (swallow is extra), but I didn't avail, and actually popped while she was giving her mouth a break and was wanking me off, as I massaged one of her massive mellons.  She then handed me some wet wipes to clean up, and popped to the en-suite to rinse my cum off her hands. 

Round 2 commenced with some boob play and exploring of her - she's smoothly shaven with no stubble rash, which was nice.  If there's a next time, I shall have to explore her further... After more owo, it was on with the raincoat and she clambered aboard, pinning me down with her boobs as she rode me.  After a few minutes of this, which revealed the limitations ofthe bed springs, she wanted to change positions, so we changed over, and I hiosted her legs over my shoulders and pounded away, watching that chest ripple and heave... Getting close, I whipped off the mac, finished off over her boobs and rubbed it into her nipples.  Once recovered, she gave me a clean towel for another shower, and I then dressed and left.  Checking the time as I left, I'd been in the flat for the best part of an hour and a half, so was pleased to see that the hour booking was about an hour of action, and the showers at either end weren't included in the time. 

Would I return? : Well, yes, because this was a repeat visit.  Personally I find her attractive with boobs and a body shape which does it for me.  I know BBWs aren't everyone's cup of tea, but I'm a sucker for the curves.  The service itself was better than average, and has the potential to be great - as I said, it was far better than when I saw her a couple of years ago, possibly becase she claims to be working for herself. 

One further thing - while this was the 2nd visit to this particular girl, it was my third visit to this profile.  I also saw a "curvy busty Alex x" earlier this year, in the same flat.  Then I met a girl who was quite similar - a pretty blonde bbw, but shorter and with slightly smaller boobs.  Apparantly, this was a 'friend' who had been 'having problems with her profile', so was using this one while the other Alex was at home in Poland.  I appreciate this might be a cardinal sin in the eyes of some, so make of it what you will, but in respect of both ladies, I have had a positive experience. 

8 review(s) found for curvy busty alex x linked to in above post (5 positive, 3 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Cunning Punt

Thanks for an excellent, detailed first review and also for the warning about possible profile sharing, for which there is no excuse. :thumbsdown:

I visited her back in April and gave her a neutral rating.

As you say, her service was rather lacklustre.

However, I am pleased she appears to be improving her game, certainly in your case, though she still seems to have time issues over start time. But if she lets you stay a good hour and a bit, that's a big plus.

Hopefully, this improved service is consistent. Your review means I am tempted to return because she does have magnificent breasts.
« Last Edit: August 30, 2015, 07:43:08 PM by Cunning Punt »

Yeah Alex has been on and off my HL more times than I can remember, mainly due to lacklustre reviews here. Edging back onto my radar now.

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