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9 review(s) for a little feather (6 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline rubric

I saw this girl a while ago, so some details may have changed, thought it worthwhile putting up a review anyway.

Comms:  Made an initial call to check that she would be available, and then all the other arrangements were by text.

Venue: A block of flats in some quieter side streets near West Reading station - parking was a bit difficult, though there are some places on adjacent streets with limited time parking. Her place was a ground floor flat at the back of the block - more on this in a bit.

Mia is - as mentioned in the info thread - very slim. She greeted me in underwear and heels, with her hair pulled back really tightly (talking chelsea facelight territory here), not my ideal look but she had a nice trim body so I decided to stay, especially as I really wanted a shag at this point.

Her room was a mess, not dirty, just way way too many things piled into a very small area.  I asked for a drink, and the only thing she had to offer was a 2L coke bottle - she seemed struck by the incongruity of this and apologised profusely, saying that she had just moved in and wasn't organised yet. I decline and we sorted out the paperwork.

Almost immediately she went into DFK, pressing her body against me. She gradually disrobed me, and I guided her down on her knees and she took me in her mouth, oral was great, but she then mentioned she doesn't offer CIM which took the edge off a bit (in fairness I should have checked this - as I had been looking forward to deep throat). At this point I was quite aroused and I told her I wanted to take her from behind.  On with the condom and got her on all fours on the bed, as I pounded she grew wet and started to grind her bum backwards in time with my strokes.  After about ten minutes of this - with minor variations of positions - I came.

I apologised for the haste - and she just observed 'That was needed, wasn't it', to which I readily agreed. She helped me clean up and then offered a massage.  I had brought massage oil - so agreed (as I don't like trying to wash baby oil off my body). To her credit, whilst she said she didn't know much about massage, what she did was fairly decent, she really put her weight into it, which must have been hard work with her fairly small hands.  She then started rubbing her body over mine, and I turned over for round two.  More oral, then sex in cowgirl and missionary, though I was fairly tired and so didn't come.  So again, she helped me cleanup, and then we sat kissing and talking, at this point she had let her hair down - literally - and was wearing a bathrobe - and just looked way way more attractive this way.  This coupled with the fact that she was obviously fairly intelligent - and speaks good English - had me aroused again, and had there been more time I would have been back for more. As it was, time was running out, so I eventually cleaned up, dressed and left.

Pros: Really did her best to deliver each service well. Speaks English fluently, no problems with being understood.

Cons: Flat isn't really what you'd expect at £120 an hour - a larger less cluttered room and a decent shower would be great. For me personally, not having CIM on the menu means I am unlikely to return.


9 review(s) found for a little feather linked to in above post (6 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

Good review thanks, rubric.  Feather has been discussed and reviewed (generally favourably) on here quite a bit but the details of her accommodation are revealing, thanks.  She's been in Reading for a while - and put up her prices quite a bit since she started - so I don't know whether she's always worked from the same place?  Although that area is quite convenient, I think I'll hold off for a while.

Offline berksboy

   I have seen her 3 times and at £70 for the 1/2 hr she is a good meet and a very nice girl as well. Her flat is not the best but is ok.All in all she is a + and well worth a meet, her bod is just as the pics and she has a nice face.

Offline rubric

   I have seen her 3 times and at £70 for the 1/2 hr she is a good meet and a very nice girl as well. Her flat is not the best but is ok.All in all she is a + and well worth a meet, her bod is just as the pics and she has a nice face.

Sure, and you'll note she got a positive review overall, but it's only fair that she be reviewed on the full range of services she offers (including appointments of an hour+)

Offline Sheerharvestry

Was the oral without? The profile just mentions Oral without any additional info (which I usually assume means with protection).
Banning reason: Multiple accounts (kongolor, Sheerharvestry, Sharkphaser)

Offline HawkG

She's great apart from not doing OWO

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