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Author Topic: Magic Bianca  (Read 1331 times)

5 review(s) for Magic Bianca (2 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]


Arranged an hour booking with Bianca, having already seen her once when she was Angie I knew what to expect, unfortunately it was as bland as I remember. "Proper FRENCH KISSING" advertised is closed mouth smooching (or was with me, maybe she just doesn't like me?) and unfortunately I really need this in a meeting to get going.

Good shower facilities, good looking girl, ok massage, not so great aura. Nothing really flowed, very disconnected session, up to and including my attempt to get comfortable during 69 by putting a cushion under my head, which she reached around to grab and threw at the wall. Immediately killed my mood as I wasn't sure how that could have possibly upset her, made my excuses and left shortly after.

Neutral because the photos are accurate, she is a good looking young lady that will appeal to people looking to get laid rather than GFE, but not what I want from a punt. The lack of FK is a definite negative for me, but I know having read posts on here some of you see that as a non-issue.

First review, first post, hope I've done ok. More to follow :)

5 review(s) found for Magic Bianca linked to in above post (2 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline doobes

Thanks. Where abouts in Golders Green is she working from?

Offline The_Don

Thanks. Where abouts in Golders Green is she working from?

+1 and did the op pay per hour?

Offline SamLP

Thanks. Where abouts in Golders Green is she working from?

I think she's back at the well known flat in Golders Green that she used to work from.
As for the review, it seems out of character. I'll reserve my judgement as it's first post, first review.

Yes, working from the well known establishment in Golders' Green. I did indeed book an hour and paid the going rate as I'd seen her before and knew what to expect, unfortunately this time it was very disconnected. Did not get a chance to ask about CIM as after the pillow throwing incident I lost momentum haha.

I saw her once when Vivien and Kendra were part of the line up at the venue - both girls blew Angie/Bianca out of the water in terms of service provided and I was hoping she stepped up her service to match theirs, as the two other girls there (Roxy and one I can't remember off the top of my head) do not offer FK.

Bianca's service was OK - not the experience I need to enjoy myself which is unfortunate because she is very pretty and most certainly willing, just not in the crucial areas. Also a novel experience performing RO on her, which did the job in terms of getting me excited again, right up until she jumped off the bed and went to the toilet. I understand this might be out of character for other regulars who she may treat better than me, I've seen the acronym YMMV offered on here and I think that applies here, we don't click for whatever reason and I can't recommend her on this basis.

In terms of what I do enjoy - Yvette and Khloe remain my go-to ladies for meetings in my area as both are top drawer GFE.

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