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Author Topic: AdultWork PG and movie costs  (Read 444 times)

Fik! Over £15 for 2min video that no doubt is shite anyway?!!

https://www.adultwork.com/1336131 or https://www.adultwork.com/FULL%5FCONTACT

What do you feel is an acceptable cost per min or for a PG?

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if i was going to book her i might do £10 to save any hassle but £15 makes me think the whole thing is a scam

Offline jockyw

WTF 15 creds. Never pay for pg or movies. This is where AW is flawed. Price should be based on length and wg's should only be allowed to price between set parameters like 1 to 3 credits for any move up to 2mins and then say 4 to 6 for anything between 3 and 5 mins long etc.

Also movies should have details on how many times it has been viewed and a rating option as well

I had to look several times thinking it should be 1.5  :dash:

Offline KSG

You can't really blame the lady who has uploaded it, as it would have been automatically set by the system, as 1 MB is 1 credit.

On the positive side, you'll be sure to get a high resolution video.

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