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Author Topic: Blonde4Loving- Hatfield  (Read 874 times)

3 review(s) for Blonde4Loving (2 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]


Preamble-Bear with me as it has some relevance

Before the appointment I read the very informative reviews by esteemed colleagues in the Eastern area. I got the feeling that it could be an awesome punt if proper preparation was made. Booked for 6.30pm through AW (£100) , so home for 5pm and into pre punt routine. No stone was left unturned, so to speak. Everything cut, trimmed, sanded down and sparkly like a Twilight Vampire. 45 min soak, half bottle of the Mint bodywash/shampoo that makes your tinkle tingle. Three brushes, chlorosyll then listerine. Good to go. Stopped at shop for mints and gum on the way.


Well known flat above a discount supermarket in Hatfield. Close to the Old Bill station.


Had pre programmed the sat nav and parked up at 6.20. She said to text when I arrived, so waited till 6.25 and text. She then rang and gave the flat number, and to come up. First glitch of the day. Entered the code and hit send. Nothing. 5 mins of standing outside the supermarket trying to retain the facade of calm business man on his ipad. She rings again and says you can come up now, just in time to see a similarly shifty looking character exiting the lobby door.

Up to the flat , (very fit looking Latino, older than pics by at least 5 years  but ball swelling lovely) where she chastises me for being early as she was with another punter. Mental doubletake (thinking you said come up) but bit my lip and apologised, making some fluffy comment on how I couldn't wait to meet her, to appease the Latin firework. I asked for a shower and let her know of the previous hours primping (like I said bear with me), she then said make sure you use the mouthwash if you want to kiss my pussy. I quipped that  I'd do the whole bottle, as thats my favourite part of communion. She pointed at second door in flat and said don't go in there after shower, goto other room. Made me doubly gittery after poor start. Part of the reason I'm not a great fan of incalls, especially at what turns out to be a known venue.


Onto bed after she put all pillows on one side. As previous reviewers had stated next came the erotic dancing. To be fair to her, I could let this go as a nice appertizer rather than time wasting. Especially when bending over and seeing that 10/10 arse, cigar cutter and all. She states that she will now massage me, to which (thinking of previous reviews) I politely declined, making the excuse of an expensive chiropractic appointment that morning for a trapped nerve. This clearly was the wrong answer and she seemed annoyed but I hoped I'd saved 10-15 mins of something I didn't come for.

Then the mission to wipe out more germs than Domestos started. She must have shares in wet wipes. After a couple of wipes, close scrutiny, and for me encroaching second thoughts, she reaches for a rubber. I asked nicely didn't she offer OWO? to which she replied that she doesn't normally but ok , it was an extra £10. Fine, I was forewarned and forearmed. Grabbed the tenner from the johnny pocket and relaxed. Sublime OWO ensued. Angels nearly-sang-good.She said to not come in her mouth,resonded ok you don't do that. Replied, no its just an extra £20. Pop, pop, pop. Lovely jubbly.

Several wet wipes later, she sat on bed out of reach of those lovely looking boobs and perfect skin. Chatted about anything till I said it was time for her to receive the tongue benediction. OK but first two wet wipes over mouth and double check I used the mouthwash. Gorgeous pussy, lovely and clean, tasted like a clean pussy.Still waiting for the one that  tasted of honey, though.

Now, just like kissing, everyone thinks they are good at tipping the velvet. But I would take the Pepsi taste test any day of the week to say I can get by. But the first tiny tentative tickle of the tongue and she hits the roof. "Too sensitive". Hand goes over clit and its like a national rail strike. Tried my best for a few minutes with what was left available for tasteing but nearly lost the will for the punt.

Lay next to her for the first time in the whole session and worked around the arm locks to stroke and kiss the magnificent two. Lasted a good 30 seconds before she returned to end of bed. Can confirm previous comments of them being harder than Mike Tyson.

20 minutes left , so after another barrage of wipes, it was time  to revisit the OWO. Again I will give her credit where credit is due. Little Vicar was a tad miffed about the whole punt fom the poor start to the no kissing, to the OCD cleaning and was being difficult. She suddenly switched from evasive to determined porn star. It was like Paul on the road to Damascus. Spat and sucked like a Johnson sweeper.

Cleaned up and left before time.


She is lovely looking
Perfect skin
Arse better than a choir boys
£110 for two lovely pops

Really doesn't want to be touched
No kissing (and I'm not the reincarnation of John Merrick)
Back to back booking
Well known flat
Fucks about alot
OCD cleaning


Gabby is gorgeous. Awesome oral. But everything else seemed like time wasting, untouchable, overworking back to back, routine rubbish. Apart from the oral, she seemed less Brazilian and more Mexicant.

3 review(s) found for Blonde4Loving linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

How the bollox did it shift back to positive??? It was negative. Can you help Admin?

Thanks Admin. You are a very prompt star.

Offline Big Bad R

Just shows how we all view punts differently, notice the review before by 'hertsgent' was positive !

Smiths and Hertsgent are two regular reviewers (two previous reviewers of this WG) will be interested to see OPs future reviews..........
« Last Edit: August 30, 2015, 03:02:21 PM by Big Bad R »

Offline Hertsgent

Thanks for the good, detailed, and humorous review Badvicar - apologies was not great for you....

I think all the reviews and comments actually suggest Gabby is a marmite girl. We all agree she is stunning, and then have differing reviews on the desirability of her personality and services....I would hate her feistiness in a girlfriend , but for a WG who I know I'm going to fuck in the hour whatever I treat it as a nice little game and makes it a bit different....and I've had a couple of unusually intense humps with her, which my brain now probably associates with her feisty nature...

Hopefully it was designed for our amusement, but I'm loving the description of your extensive cleaning exercise pre-punt. Particularly given Gabbys back to back booking probably means she had a quick wet wipe and swill of the mouthwash speed clean up :P

Keep up the reviews please, slim pickings in the area are running the risk of my cock making some terrible choices on his own........

Likewise Big Bad R. I would like to see your review of this Lady.

Thankyou Mr Gent for the kind words and for taking my reveiw for what it was, my personnal time with Gabby, not a rebuttal to anything you have said.

 I can imagine you have had a splendid time with her as you have seen her more than once and I imagine she evolves with people she knows and trusts.

I posted my experience, rather than writing a bland AW review. I think that is what we are here for. If you can't be honest on a review forum, what is the point.


Offline Siadwel

Not being funny, and I commiserate with the OP, but I've been waiting for this since my meet with her.

I felt all through my hour with her that she was on the verge of being jaded and fed-up with the whole fucking for money thing. It was only the last twenty minutes or so that she got into it properly and, like I said in my post, the cheeky wink and grin with a mouthful of cum was the only thing that made it all worthwhile, so not all was lost. I'd have still given her a Positive, if I'd done a review, but with caveats.

Such a shame. Cracking looking girl with a body to die for, but her attitude seems to have slipped.

Out of area at the moment, on the South Coast, on a temporary job. Searching AW, found a likely candidate, but not sure I'll get the opportunity.

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