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Author Topic: Nora / Eva / Madeline of Admiral / Hot Collection / Diva  (Read 2056 times)

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OK - first review here, but far from first punt (by a long shot). I've not been particularly bothered about writing one before, however, I'm very much indebted to members here for some excellent recommendations - particularly password, Horny Devil and Jason. So, this is my go at giving something back to the community.

I have seen this girl twice in August 2015. Would I recommend? Yes, but not without reservations.

The Venue:
1st floor flat within walking distance of Earls Court. Reasonably discreet, although entrance is easy to miss, sandwiched between shops and cafes.

£150 p/h. Available through Admiral, Hot Collection and Diva Escort, probably several other Type A Agencies as well.

Girl's Appearance:
The photos are pretty accurate. Some photo shopping as unfortunately you'd come to expect with agencies - however it is very minor in this case. Most accurate photo is the one where she is sitting on the edge of the bed (visible with Admiral and Diva but not on Hot Collection). Pretty Russian girl with a great body and nice B-cup breasts. Unlikely anyone would find her disappointing unless bigger tits are a must have.

Services experienced:
FK, OWO to CIM, DATY, two rounds of protected sex in various positions. Massage during recharge period with body to body. A is apparently on offer for an extra £50 but I did not partake.

Service was generally very good. Passionate French kissing, not particularly deep, but not disappointing for it either. She is very enthusiastic when it comes to sex, willing to try lots of different positions and puts a lot of energy into it. She is great on top, sustaining a proper porn star rhythm for good 20 minutes or so, producing an incredibly satisfying slapping sound of her firm arse against my thighs. She moved between leaning forward to kiss and leaning back, allowing me to rub her clit. We also got to try missionary (wrapped her legs around me encouragingly and pressed her feet against the back of my thighs), doggie, and reverse cow girl sitting on the edge of her bed, facing a mirror. Passed my personal acid test in getting three pops out of me in a 90 minute session (with an average girl it will tend to be only twice for me). Difficult to convey completely with the description, but the sex was really excellent. I lost count of how many girls I've been with years ago, definitely way more than 50, but the sex with her would easily get into the top 10.

Blow job would have been very good (deep and sucked me dry with CIM on completion), except for one problem: imo she uses far too much teeth at times (seriously, does anyone like that?) If you are particularly sensitive, this could be an issue.
Obviously as it is through an agency you pay a bit of a premium on the price. However, there is the convenience factor that both my bookings were arranged within in two hours of the date, and would generally say she is still good VFM.
English is OK enough to understand what I wanted, and for simple conversation, although not particularly advanced

Service on my second visit was generally as good at the first - although there was one noticeable difference - she was playing with her phone far too often in between sessions. She did apologise, saying two agencies were trying to book her at the same time. This didn't spoil our time together, however it leads to a concern that is my main reservation: she may be turning into a conveyor belt. As anyone with experience will know, this can lead to a drop in quality of service over time.
In general conversation she also confessed to being, in her exact words, "a bit racist" (this cropped up after our second session when I asked how she found living in London and she remarked about the varied ethnicity). I would therefore hesitate to recommend if you are non-white, as you might not get the same standard of service.

Her enthusiasm for sex is fantastic, and that's what got me going back. Will I return again? The teeth in the blow job is a bit of a put-off for me, as is the nagging concern that service standards may start to drop with overwork. I think she's a solid plan B, especially since it is easy to arrange at short notice through an agency.
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Cheers! If people find 'em useful I might be persuaded to do some more!

Thanks for review was thinking of booking but you could be right re drop on service level.

I should emphasise the quality of service did not drop on my second visit, but the the excessive use of the phone could turn out to be the thin end of the wedge.

Offline Cabbots

That is a great first review OP, and if you have more to share then please get writing!!

Thanks, I'll see what I can do. A review can only be as interesting as the punt, although I suppose even if the verdict is "they're a bit average" then that's useful for people to know.

In my experience,  both punting & generally,  I've noticed most EE are 'a bit racist'
You have to remember UK is very multi cultural, their own countries hardly have anyone none white, so this can perhaps be expected. I don't have a problem with their honesty, it's refreshing in an overly pc world,  however I'm not from an ethnic minority myself so i don't receive such discrimination ordinarily

I saw her in duo with Ally http://www.hot-collection.co.uk/escort/ally and confirm she enthusiastically delivers a very good service, she's one of those girls who although not the best looking have the ability to make you pop multiple times.

Offline iPad3

I'm afraid the phone thing has ruled her out in my book, if I ask her to speak to a punter while I fuck her it's a different story but to use it without my request is frankly bollucks.

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