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Author Topic: Mysterious Melissa - Welling, SE London  (Read 1323 times)

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Welling is technically in London, but off the beaten track for many. Public transport access would be difficult. For me a 10 min drive, and parking no problem.

A Hungarian young woman, slim, trim figure with enhanced, but nicely done, tits. An attractive face. Passable English, but a long way from colloquial.

Melissa is a massage girl who has decided to try escorting, so I got a curious mix of B2B massage and more conventional sex. I rather liked that. Business is obviously not good, as having dropped her advertised rate from £100 to £90, she readily agreed to one hour for £80. And it was a full hour I got, so very good VFM.

We had agreed that FK would be included, and it was. The only proviso that she cannot kiss for a long time - needs to come up for air frequently. Have never really come across that before, I guess she is a mouth breather.

The B2B massage part was nice, making good use of the enhanced tits (which felt good) and quite a lot of clit rubbing on my dick. And hand work on my dick with lots of variety.

At one point she asked if I would like to make her come. Didn't need any further prompting for my tongue to engage with a nice tasting pussy. I got a commentary in a mix of Hungarian and English until she came.

There was then an awkward moment. She couldn't open the condom packet and handed it to me, who couldn't open it either! Several minutes of us both struggling eventually won the day. By that time I had gone limp, but my dick went straight in her mouth until I was hard again.

We started in doggy which produced some appreciative noises but then a plea to not go too deep as it hurt, so I had to find a position and action that would work. Then over into mish where there seemed to be no problem and i could pound away as hard as I liked, her legs wrapped round my back. A nice touch was that we were french kissing as I came. On the 54 minute mark according to my watch.

So in summary a friendly attractive young woman eager to please and offering good sex. No CIM BTW. I asked her and she said she simply does not like it.

1 review(s) found for Mysterious Melissa linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline mrx007

Shame about the lack of CIM, her mouth looks made to empty the sack. Would have been straight round there...

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