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Author Topic: Go-Go Candy - Canary Wharf  (Read 605 times)

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Offline saintsfan

My first review after lurking for a while so hope you find it useful.

https://www.adultwork.com/3124887 or https://www.adultwork.com/Go-Go+Candy

Saw Go-Go Candy’s new verified profile shortly after she registered on August 21 - profile seemed a bit too good to be true but decided to TOFTT. She may of course have had a previous profile.

Services:  FK, HJ, OWO, RO, Penetration (protected)

Price:  £120 for 1 hour

Location: actually Mudchute area so not really Canary Wharf – took me 20 mins by DLR and foot from Canary Wharf tube.

Comms: Poor – initially no phone number showing so emailed through AW – was told to make an AW booking and then phone/text to confirm. Phone number appeared on Monday 24 August  but wasn’t turned on until midday each day. Finally agreed a time 2.30pm and was given the postcode. Arrived 10 mins early and phoned but no answer so left a text. Hung around for 15 mins and then started walking back in the rain to Mudchute DLR when she texted the address.

Pictures: it’s her – looks better in the flesh.

The Girl:  long black hair, 5’6”, size 8, early 20’s, fake tits (D cup), toned and firm, large tattoo of a statue on her back.

Was buzzed in and knocked on the flat door. Candy opened it quickly hiding behind the door and when I entered she revealed herself naked which was a surprise. Led me to the bedroom which was very small with double bed and bedside cabinet. Confirmed 1 hour and checked services FK, OWO to which she nodded. Took the money and asked if I wanted a shower and I said yes. Shower was hand held over bath with plenty hot water. Heard her chatting with Black Angel Barbie (with the distinctive Disney Voice!).
https://www.adultwork.com/2807051 or https://www.adultwork.com/Black+Angel+BARBIE

So back to the room and it was 2.50pm which I showed her and said the hour starts now OK but she looked blank. I told her I preferred only to cum once to which she replied I should cum twice. I told her it was an age thing! Commented on her fake tits and she said they were done 6 months ago and insisted on showing me the scars underneath. Wasn’t really a turn on for me – they were rock hard and looked stuck on. Initiated FK while running my hands over her body. She moved her tongue around a bit and had a tongue stud but moved her head away after about 20 seconds. Tried again but same thing happened. Asked her whether she liked FK and she said a little. I complained that it wasn’t enough for me but she did the blank look thing. Asked her about her profile but she claimed she had nothing to do with it! Moved on to feeling her nipples but after a short time she told me to stop as they were sensitive. So we moved on to the bed and she asked me if I wanted a massage. I said no and that I wanted OWO – I wasn’t fully erect at this point and she insisted on a hand job with lube to get me hard and then OWO. This went well and her OWO technique started gentle which I like. Suddenly she sat up and said she had a pube in her mouth which she proceeded to remove with her finger. She didn’t show it to me but then said no more OWO, so a cynic like me would say it was an avoidance tactic. Tried to suck on her nipples but she soon complained it was painful. I tried RO on her – she had a clean tasting pussy and didn’t complain when I inserted a finger – she felt quite tight so didn’t try 2 fingers. She was moaning a bit but didn’t get wet at all and showed no signs of reaching orgasm so gave up after about 5 mins. She said ‘Thank you that was nice’ which made me feel better. So on with the mac with more lube and straight into CowGirl. This was the highlight for me – she was grinding and changing position and I was close to cumming and she seemed to cum and said she had. We then switched to Doggy which I also enjoyed and she was pushing hard against me. I was alternating fast and slow to avoid cumming and her response was to go ‘Cum Baby Cum’! We then switched to Mish with her legs over my shoulders and she did the ‘Cum Baby Cum’ again. We then had a short break and she left the room to get 2 glasses of water. She then asked why I was resisting cumming and I said I had booked an hour and would cum when I was ready. I then suggested Reverse CowGirl but this was not a success as she did not seem to be very enthusiastic and I kept coming out. So back to Cowgirl and she was going for it big time – I buried my head between those rock hard tits and orgasmed fairly quickly to Candy’s obvious relief.
By this time 50 mins had gone by so I knew she wasn’t going to offer anything else. She asked if I wanted a shower and I said yes. Black Angel Barbie was in the shower so I had to wait a bit and ended up passing her coming out naked as I was going in. Another pair of fake tits. I definitely  preferred Candy bodywise.

So entering to leaving was an hour – had no desire to stay any longer.
Returning home I didn’t feel too bad about the punt – just regretted not going for 30 mins so £40 wasted.

Pros:   She put in a lot of effort in CG

Neutral:  No dressing up for the client

Cons:   No proper FK, sensitive nipples, limited OWO, poor VFM

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Offline doobes

Thanks for the review. This group seems to be massively hit and miss.

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