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Author Topic: Wendy Porno Slut (Reading) Rip Off!  (Read 1377 times)

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Offline Incognita


II dont punt very often these days but i'd been trying to see this girl for some time - I like the more submissive types - and finallly got a booking, warning her I was coming some distance so hoped she'd be reliable. Found the location easily enough and she answered door, obviously a little flustered. It transpired  she'd got my phone number confused with another client's and he was just about to arrive, so her friend was hurriedly getting ready to see him. I was hustled from room to room so as not to bump into him and when I  was finally installed in the 'correct' room there was still lots of her having to pop out and do things.

When we eventually got down to business she immediately got out a condom to put on me, though she advertised OWO and went on about loving sucking cock, taking CIM etc. It took about 10mins to persuade her to go down on me at all (didnt like doing it in case she got a pube in her mouth! told not to cum in her mouth etc) which after a couple of minutes she stopped as I "wasnt getting hard enough". I had told her I was mainly interested in oral as I rarely get hard enough for penetration these days but unless I could fuck her she didnt seem  interested. Started to play with her pussy, which WAS beautifully smooth, but then "no fingers because of  nails" (which I'd made sure were carefully trimmed that morning!).

She makes a big thing about how she loves being treated roughly ("Leave me covered in bruises. I love it")  so I slapped one of her rather magnificent tits and she leapt a mile in the air - "No, no, that hurts...". Another long battle to get some more oral from her and she then said my time was up, barely 30mins into the hour I'd paid for, and most of that time spent with her doing other things!

So, extremely disappointing, especially as I had a 2 hour drive there and back. She WAS a pretty girl, though a LOT  larger than the size 10 she quotes on her profile. Maybe she just didnt like me but in my 50 years of punting I've never had any trouble like that. If she'd done everything she claimed to do it would have been magic! Ah well... She even had the cheek, as I was leaving, to try and persuade me to come back and see her friend!!! One to try and forget methinks! Beware and if you DO visit I hope yiou have a better time than I did!

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1 review(s) found for Wendy Busty Slut linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline PLeisure

Did you intend to categorise this review as a Positive ?  :hi:

Offline Huawei

Did you intend to categorise this review as a Positive ?  :hi:

Just beat me to it, can't believe this was positive.... :unknown:

Offline Incognita

Oooops... obviously not! Could admin please amend?  Another grey moment!

Only 30 quid for bareback. Class.

Offline PLeisure

Oooops... obviously not! Could admin please amend?  Another grey moment!

OP, click on the 'Report to Admin' link (right of every post) and request it be revised to a Neutral, or other

Offline SirFrank

Sorry to hear you had a shit punt. One thing to note here - she's a Romanian so I'm really not surprised you had a shit time with none of the advertised services
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Offline Incognita

It said Polish on her profile!

Offline Incognita

But I see it now says Romanian!


This girl is in Bath today with a load of other Romanians all with false profiles!

Offline Roth

Enjoys bareback and unprotected sex.  :scare: :scare: :bomb:

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