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Author Topic: Most amusing feedback you've ever received  (Read 2002 times)

Offline LL

Sadly all of the feedback I leave for buyers on eBay is the same - pleasure to deal with blah fucking blah. I imagine if the girl is particularly busy it must be quite difficult to remember who is who unless there is someone she genuinely liked/disliked.
Yep exactly right, they don't know who's who when leaving feedback. So on eBay we get "great eBayer A++++" whilst on AdultWork the equivalent catch-all "relaxing time with this charming gent" or similar bullshit! :D

Makes a mockery of the whole system. That's why I'm surprised that there are certain girls who won't see guys with less than x number of [meaningless] feedback!
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Offline punk

Shit i missed read the title of this thread, i thought it was about feedback you got from Prossies during a meet.

the  response still stands.

Amidst all the generic "polite gent" stuff I mysteriously got a "skilled" off one lady.... Made me chuckle cos I'm bumbling and inept at shagging. Maybe she meant I was skilled at ignoring my deficiencies and soldiering on regardless?

Offline purple_t

I got 'great skills in the bedroom' after one of the worst performances of my punting career! But I think she could tell I was frustrated with my performance that day and wrote that so I wouldn't feel shit after the punt

Offline LL

"With jizzmanship rivalling only Peter North, this gent left my boat-race coated with so much man-sauce that I couldn't work again for three days"

That's an amusing feedback I'd like to receive!

Offline hairbald


To be honest I was hoping for mighty sex god!!!

Offline webpunter

"Cum back soon with that big cock"    :yahoo:

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