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Author Topic: Blowing Amelia Highbury North london  (Read 7324 times)

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Online webpunter

Does any one know if she's still about?? her profile has changed.
She's a good value milf so it would be good to know she's still working.
The location has changed & so have the pics.  A case of the previous burd selling on the profile.  As much easier than the new burd getting the verification stuff thru AW.  And some FB which the average AW punter ain't gonna realize is for a different burd.  Massage is shown as being available & the likes list hasn't been updated.  One to avoid me thinks.  Although that neck of the woods ain't blessed with loads of options.  And deffo not since Jaycee departed Plymouth.  That was a time for the navy to have flags at half-mast !

Offline Alastor22

I also would like to know if anyone has any info on her, or if she has a new profile. Thanks a lot!

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