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Author Topic: Sexy Lucy Angel  (Read 1876 times)

6 review(s) for SEXY LUCY ANGEL (3 positive, 2 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline mrx007

Late review - this was a few weeks ago when she was in NW London. Now seems to have moved further west slightly.

https://www.adultwork.com/2083740 or https://www.adultwork.com/SEXY+LUCY+ANGEL

The pics of her ARSE and legs on AW did something to my dick. Phoned her and asked if she will "really do CIM?" She said yes for another £20 (charge not shown on her profile).

Block of flats right near a tube (didn't notice which one but she's moved anyway). Easy pay parking opposite-ish.

Bit of trouble getting in as the intercom was intermittent and my phone signal was flaky so she came and let me in. I was pleasantly surprised at the sight of her. Even wearing jeans and a modest top she looked stunning. She hardly had any makeup on but she has genuinely lovely facial bone structure, nice blonde hair and an outstanding firm slim but womanly body.

In 2 words: fucking gorgeous. Face I'd say 8-9, Body I'd say 9.

She took the money (£60 + £20 salty mouthful supplement) and started rubbing herself against me and I stiffened rapidly, in fact instantly when she turned around, eased her jeans off to expose her arse in little white knickers and rubbed those sweet cheeks against my bulge. I was absolutely rampant.

Asked her to get on her knees which she did and her OWO technique was pretty good. She got a bit tired of kneeling so she sat on the edge of the bed while I stood in front of her. She didn't mind me gently bunching her hair up in a loose fist whilst guiding her head back and forth. Good girl. Thought I was going to spurt a bit too soon so went for a bit of tit fucking her enhanced boobs. She wanked me quite well too.

Asked her if I could "put my cock between her feet?" She seemed quite intrigued by this and said she hadn't done this before (who knows if such things are true?) However I found it a massive turn on that she was smiling at how aroused I was with my cock between her feet as I stared at her quite gorgeous neat little fuck hole.

She has nice feet and I could have emptied both balls right there but as I had paid for CIM Sweet Lucy Angel was going to get her tongue splashed on.

Asked her to suck me some more (knowing my time was close).

Little side note: she wanted to know if I wanted oil on my cock when she wanked me with her hands/feet/tits? I said "you won't take it back in your mouth with oil on will you?" and she said "no" so I declined the offer. Even though she's fairly compliant something about her told me I need a bit of my experience of WGs to guide me. I could tell she wasn't really a submissive type.

With her sitting on the edge of the bed and me guiding her sweet head back and forth I could hold back no longer from having a beautiful blonde sucking me off. I shot a few hard spurts of cream which felt pretty fucking intense. I must have hit her tonsils but anyway she must have gotten a really impressive mouthful.

She signalled with her hand (a kind-of wave), that she could hardly take the quantity of salty muck but I didn't let go of her hair until I had fired my last spurt.

She got up very quickly and ran to the bathroom, presumably to spit out my salty goodness. What's the matter with these girls, don't they know what trouble I go to to brew up such a healthy protein milkshake?

Would love her to swallow. With such a pretty face I'd love her to take a full facial glazing of my brewed-in-the-balls beauty product but still....

So some very slight reservations but I'll give her a positive. I'd say she needs a bit of manipulating as she's not really submissive but she did what I wanted. Towards the high side of my budget. If I knew she'd do the same for £60 I'd see her regularly. I really was quite taken with her looks to be honest. She is a very good looking woman with a near-perfect body.
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6 review(s) found for SEXY LUCY ANGEL linked to in above post (3 positive, 2 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline king tarzan

This bitch wasted hour so of my time long time back
Had dreadful eye bags no kissing I just left
Place stank too..

Offline mrx007

Think she was a bit less tired when I saw her. She obviously was having a quiet night and it was apparent she didn't have anyone immediately after me (not rushing me out, etc and she was quite leisurley letting me in rather than getting me in quick to get me out for another punter.

However I may have been lucky. Look how impressed I was with my first visit to HOD's Charlie and the second time the experience was nothing like as good.

Difficult to find a reliable regular escort whereas a few years ago I had no trouble. Still looking...

Offline tonysoprano

Great looking girl but this don't sound like a positive to me. I saw her and like you found her looks and body fantastic but her service a bit average. She used to b and s with a fat twot also called Lucy when they were in the same flat in Finchley.

I guess she makes good money but if a girl like this actually fucked you properly she'd be fucking rich in no time.
Banning reason: Troll

Offline Jason69

I saw Lucy a couple of years ago when was in Fincheley and also was very impressed with her photos BUT she was a definite negative as I also found her very cold and she employed time wasting tactics.

I would definitely not recommend her as their are plenty of other girls in North London that we can spend our hard earned money on  :thumbsup:

Well that was short lived. Profile gone.

It is online again.
Still can't see it. Getting the "profile unavailable at this time" message. Maybe because I am accessing from France?

Still can't see it. Getting the "profile unavailable at this time" message. Maybe because I am accessing from France?

It's quite possible, she is available today:

Thanks type o
I have just logged in with my UK VPN and it is now visible !

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