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Author Topic: Not so Petite Maya 94  (Read 508 times)

2 review(s) for PETITE MAYA 95 (0 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline GreyDave

This is almost a negative   https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=3125064

20 ish size 12 great tits in fact outstanding :P firm bodie of a young 20 ish girl looks like she has had a kid a little bit of a flabby tum but does not show when lying down.
Well, coms were good the maid speaks good english I got there then Maya answered the door with a smile 5ft 8is and quite a well built thing I thought she looked a bit like the pics but older he ho it then went down hill her english is none!
She laid back on the bed and looked at me as I wanked he little fella up even with a 50mg bluey I was finding it a bit slow getting hard I sucked her tits complemented her on them and at no point did she offer help with getting me up . I managed to get a semi hard-on and then put on the rubber myself :scare: I started slowly trying to stiffen up with her on the corner of the bed me standing after a 5mins or so I was getting up a bit and asked rather signaled to change to doggy feeling more in control and harder I played with her tits and slowly just put my bell end in and out I could see her yawn but as I was now iron bar like I upped the pace and pounded for england . Luckly these pills slow down the cum and I felt well I will get my £60 worth out of her at least.  :yahoo: Then :scare:she pulled away and we when back to miss but with her feet on my chest she is a well built thing and I got a sense of if I pushed in shed push me out ...I composed my self to the squat thrust posiont and told her I fuck for england you you fuck for Hungary and whent for it like a duracell rabbit...Pop she pushed me off and gave me a wipe I took two and whent back to the bosses Jag for a trip back to work to reveiw her and plan my next punt. really should be an avoid but good jugs and 20 so ....

2 review(s) found for PETITE MAYA 95 linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Online The_Don

Thanks for the review and sharing

Shame as she looked good

Offline doobes

Cheers. Neutral - you're a more generous man than I.

Offline GreyDave

Thanks ,yup well to sum up lads.... she was young glum with a smelly spotty bum :drinks:

Offline SamLP

Sorry to hear that. I hadn't got around to doing a review but did have her as POTD and wrote my experience after seeing her.

I went to see Maya. A negative experience, she's not cut out for this business. A dead fish performance with no movement or passion whatsoever. Had a tall and friendly attractive brunette translate as I confirmed services, I wonder who she is as Vanessa's profile shows a blonde girl. Anyway closed lips kissing with zero movement or passion, so no fk. Lay there looking at me. Played with her tits which were nice and did RO, fingered her too - no extra. Asked her for OWO which was actually ok but too much hand action, she tried to wank me off. Sex was a little better, she seemed to enjoy being pounded as it's the only time she whimpered and moaned. Handed me wipes to clean myself then got up to get dressed. Left a bit early as there was no point of staying. She's also a few sizes bigger than her pics, maybe a size 12.

Offline GreyDave


Snap on refection should of been a NEG like yours

All the best

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