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Author Topic: Violet_Rain  (Read 384 times)

New profile popped up in Gloucester, verified British and just 200 views. Any thoughts ?


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Done and dusted, good punt will be reviewing later today when I have stopped smiling

Is this a newbie test VW?  :)

Pros- could be new and enthusiastic
         Seems bright enough as she's highlighted issues and set about fixing them

Cons- got shot of old account and started new one
          What lurks under the blur on poor photos
          PG is up before she replaces the profile picks
           £150 is one hell of a TOFTT

How did I do? 

Fuck me, you work quick! Quicker than I type!

Fuck me, you work quick! Quicker than I type!
Yes put enquiry in on AW the posted 1st on here, he was here 11-30-12:30.

Price is subjective, wasn't a TOFTT it was take one for me.  Will write proper review later but seems I may have been her first, no flags to say other wise.

Offline JimmySW

Looking forward to hear if she will be doing incalls in the future?

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