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Author Topic: Sonia ES Glasgow  (Read 728 times)

Has anyone seen this girl?   If so any recommendations?  I have a free Friday and looking for someone new


Never tried Russian before but have enjoyed all 4 of the Polish girls i've visited,  3 of them rank in my top 5 girls eeeeever

I'm sorry if there is already a post asking about her, i did search and after reading a 108 headings didn't find any that related to her.

Would be amazed if that's who you meet when that door opens. ES has some great photos on its site, i'll give them that.

Offline RandyF

That's going to be fake mate.  Stake your pension on it.

B&H just posted a review of a very similar profile on there...check it out, wouldn't surprise me if this profile leads to exactly the same place  ;)

You could go along and book and see what's there, if your confident enough you'll be able to turn around and walk...
Banning reason: Troll

Nah I'll give her a miss thanks.   Thanks for the advice.    I knew it looked too good to be true

Offline Snoozy

Google image search picks it up as a UK nationality Dubai escort, usual escort Scotland pish

Offline nike

She is definitely a stunner, I would be tempted to make the trip, if she was genuine.
I will defer to my fellow punters with more knowledge and experience than me. :hi: 

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