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Author Topic: looking a good heatrow slough incall  (Read 460 times)

Offline maxmayer

hi guys just looking for a real slutty young  blonde  in the the heatrow slough hownslow area with that has real reviews and does black

thanks for your help

Offline Steely Dan

May I suggest that you start off with a bit of field work and then we can help you from there.  I mean for example on AW, search for escorts, say, within 2 miles of TW6 (Heathrow) that meet your age (and size price) needs. See if they are blonde.  Check their number in the search box above to see if they have been reviewed.  Then post any other ones here for comments.  Also look at the SE reviews (for Slough).  Girls tour Heathrow a fair bit so this search will bring up new girls (who may be reviewed) all the time.

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