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Author Topic: Port Seton  (Read 1052 times)

Hi guys, in the area over next few days and looking for discreet location near Port Seton. Don't want to go right into Edinburgh due to time restraints. Needs to be somewhere close to where I am based so there is minimal travel time to give me the chance to do it without friends wondering why I have been out so long.

Offline Santiago

Hey Jay
The closest girls working from port seton are
Seduced by katie near Jocks Lodge which is about 15 minutes along the bypass. Or Cloe in Ormiston..

Katie is great fun, I havent met Cloe.

Thanks. Looks like Katie not working this weekend and can't find Cloe's details anywhere.

Offline nike

U can do a proximity search ok on AW.  Click the proximity tab. Put in ur postcode and the distance ur willing to travel. The results will be all the prossies working within that distance.  I know that there used to be a few working in portobello and surely there will be some in Musselburgh.

Offline nike

The first one looks like a right minger but hey when ur in the desert even dirty water will taste like sweet nectar.  :yahoo:

Offline pete-piper



Not been to them, but they are in that area.

The second one has had a few different names, I believe. She's been unfavorably reviewed on here in the past.

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